Monday, August 20, 2012

The Magic Industry

The term "Magic Industry" kind of invokes strange imagery. I always think of something Roald Dahl would have created. A weird, strange, twisted place. Some Oompa-Loompas working on a big card press, manufacturing the next crazy card deck. Next to that a big table with some more Oompa-Loompas sitting and drawing the next designs on a big canvas. Somehow this factory is located within a big industry complex near the North pole. Next door is a bunch of elves making square circles and painting them, "detting gizzy" from all the fumes.

Of course upstairs is a big conference room. And on a large table sits Santa Claus and across from him Rob Stiff, both arguing about what to produce next. After cards and coins and sponge balls... what's next to exploit. Both can't find a solution, but that is when Brad Christian comes in offering the following bit of advise: "Guys, you need not think think in props, but in gimmicks" And right he is. After the magnet and the smoke the mirror is next to explore. "Is there any magician out there specializing in mirrors?" Santa asks. "Yeah I just checked the forums... after all that's why we have them... there is a young man, no older than 17, he has uploaded two videos that fool people." "Are they any good?" "Dunno, they look good!" "Alright then you have yourself a deal, get that kid, promise him a reputation, they let's hype his name and publish 'mirrors deception'."

Rob is confused... "And what about me? Can I publish that too?" Santa just rolls his eyes. "You do what you do best. Get your drone working, Ben needs work. Knocking off is your gimmick... stick to that."

"Yes master!" Rob says bowing down crawling out of the room.

Downstairs the elves have finished with the square circles. The reindeer are ready for shipment.


Stacy said...

Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day.
Sell a man a fish and he'll be back with more money tomorrow.

the Minutemen said...

Roland, be positive. I think we have other ‘Magic Factories’ in different countries such as Spain lead by Big Boss name Juan Tamariz and his student produce close up miracles. Not to mention other countries such as Scotland, and your country Germany as well.

So experience magicians will know how to choose, only new comers suffer.

Maybe the quote from the Batman Begins can cheer up a little bit.

Alfred, ’Why do we fall Sir? Because we can learn to pick ourselves up.’

The Ranter said...

Is it bad that I want to visit this place?

the Minutemen said...

The Ranter, you mean this blog?

Honestly I recommend my friend to read this blog, sometimes they do feel more negative than suppose we should. So it is your choice.

Now I always believe that a coin has two sides. So it is not bad to know the scum of this industry doing while we just do our best part to make magic better to our audience.

It is a mindset thing, right?