Tuesday, August 14, 2012

On Copies

A few days ago iTricks ran a post that I failed to notice, until now. Here is the quick version:
Mike Voltagio claims

“All of my illusions are designed by me, then custom built,[...] You won’t see my illusions anywhere else in the world. I’ve taken classic tricks and put really new spins on them to the point where they’re actually fooling other magicians. I like to push everything to the extreme.”

Then iTricks asked "would a random audience member know an original, custom-built illusion if it bit them in the face? Would they care?"

Here is my simple answer. Of course not. What kind of stupid question is that? The audience doesn't give a flying fuck as long as they are entertained. But this isn't about the audience. It's about the moral integrity of the performer. If he can live with it, so be it. If he can't like Mike Voltagio he will create his own magic.

The sadness lies not so much in the fact that copies are out there in abundance, but there bad copies are out in abundance. Young people who think that if they emulate Blaine, Angel, Piff and Copperfield they will be as cool as them.

But not only that, You wouldn't believe how many versions of Michael Ammar are out there. Or how many Daryls and Christians. (The last one referring to Brad Christian)


Unknown said...

This guy reminded me of a bad impression of Data from the Star Trek series. His dove steals were obvious.

Michael Jay said...

I am assuming that the guy in the video is Mike Voltagio. If I am correct, then his statement is bold considering he is a direct copy of Lance Burton (but only if Burton were really poor at what he does).

Roland said...

Oh no, he is certainly not Mike.

Roland said...

I was send this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejN3Q1HxP64&sns=em 59 minutes into the clip you'll see a Rudy Coby copycat. They sell it as new, Rude did that act in the 90's. That was 20 years ago.

Michael Jay said...

It was a yawn when Coby did it and it's still a yawn. Were I Coby I would let the guy have the act and claim to know nothing about ever haveing done it myself.