Friday, August 10, 2012

Drunk Philosophy

I know that I shouldn't write when I'm drunk. But my head is all spinny and I can't sleep without feeling like on a merry-go-round. So here it goes anyway.

Maybe I got it all wrong maybe, just maybe my whole perspective on social behavior is all messed up. For years I've been preaching the value of being humble. That could be all bullshit. Take a look at the folks who are successful. Humbleness is not a character trait that is valuable when it comes to success in any field. In fact it seems to be an obstacle. I mean how could you be famous and all when you're a down to earth person? Maybe you need some megalomaniac tendencies to survive on the top?

Just maybe...

Yet if so... could one be not humble and still not be an asshole about it?


Stacy said...

I think it depends upon your definition of success.

I was watching back-episodes of the Wizard Product Review recently (I find them amusing but take some of the reviews with a pinch of salt) and they reviewed a DVD about childrens magic by the self proclaimed most successful nd highly rated childrens magician in Washington.

They said that during the teaching on the DVD the guy said that he was billing himself as the most successful and highly rated childrens magician before he had even performed his first show. Lets face it, anyone looking for their first childrens magician and shopping around isn't going to have a clue if he's telling the truth... and the obvious irony is that he still might be crap (D&C said his DVD wasn't at all good) and still just be lying, because if you're buying your first DVD on children's magic you won't know any better either.

Multiply this by the entire world of magic and all the bravdo of the big self publicising showmen can easily drown out the quiet refined humility of the true artists.

What a hollow success.


Gary Jones Magic said...

Couldn't have put it better Stacy!

darkstar said...

It's a balancing act for me. We could easily debate that the humble idea is just as "holier than thou" as the dellusional ego maniac.

I think it just depends on what we are talking about. For instance I think Denny has the best magic shop, and has more knowlege than anyone I've ever talked to. As far as I can see he is humble, but not so humble as to not compare himself to the lesser of talent and knowlege.

Last week I knew quite a few people at a bar. On the way out the bartender said "Everyone say "We love you (me)". I felt great but it didn't go to my head....yet I'm not too humble as to not share it here, and in theory say when is the last time you left a place and everyone screamed your name that they love you.

Who knows. You may be drunk but I did some crack followed by a mophine chaser and then sniffed some primo glue. I picked a bad week to stop sniffing glue.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You're kidding, right?

You use public humiliation in your attempts to get people to do magic the way you think it should be done and then you say you've been preaching humility?

What an ass...