Friday, August 24, 2012


I'm so fucking exited. Blake Vogt is about to release something awesome.

But I wonder if it will be better than REF4M.


Stacy said...

Can someone explain to me the point of teasers like this?


Justin said...

To get people excited? The point of every teaser ever. To TEASE.

Not that this is at all exciting, but I feel the general concept of a teaser is pretty basic stuff.

darkstar said...

That part where he did that thing makes me excited. Can anyone tell me how he did that? Please don't buy this so I can keep it all to myself. If you don't get reactions on this baby your doing it wrong.

Stacy said...

Okay maybe I phrased that wrong.

I get the definition of the word tease, what I mean is most people generally use the word with negative connotations.
Like you might say "Don't be such a tease" or in the playground "So and so was teasing me".

It's hard to think of a positive application of the word. In what way does any teaser not simply disappoint a person who hoped to see more but instead got a silhouette of a man apparently unfolding the corner of a card in an odd way (in this case)?


Marplots said...

Screw the card trick; I want to know how he gets everyone to move in slo-mo.

Magic is so much better at 33 1/3 rpm.

the Minutemen said...

I just wonder why he can get the job for Copperfield's consultant team. REF4M is way below standard...

I am just speechless to this kind of crap teaser trailer.

Show me the effect will you?

Bizzaro. said...

This has been the style of their promos since JB worked at E. It's his call for them all to be like this. The bad part is now it is overly emulated by most of younger generation.

The trick itself is super clever tho'.