Monday, August 6, 2012

OMG How does he do that?

He must be a wizard or sumthin' Im sure the big ass sleeves have nothing to do with it. Let's watch the whole thing. Yeah I'm sure the sleeves will not be suspicious at all.

Let's be serious. His heart seems to be in the right place. His setup is professional, his looks, his manners all nice and harmless. But does this bring magic forward? Hardly. A layperson watching goes like this. "Oh sleeves, oh magnets, oh no actual effort" in a way this little video meets all the requirements of the common prejudices against magicians.

But maybe I'm underestimating the man. This might all be a great scheme to make people believe all the lies about magicians, so when he actually performs he rolls up his sleeves and does a French Drop.


Magnus Asbjorn said...

No effort, the man hunted down a collectors item and ruined it by copper plating just to do a crappy effect in the most convoluted way possible. <Sarcasm

Gary Jones Magic said...

I just don't get on with PK stuff, most of the time the effects tip the method, and I have this tendency to attract things to my body, things like spoons, forks, chairs and pacemakers!

This is probably one of the worst ways you can vanish and produce a coin, a better way is to do a coin vanish using sleight of hand, and then a table production using misdirection, but these require basic magician skills!!

This method is OK for a coin change, but it still seems like a big set-up compared to using sleight of hand which requires no set-up and you can use ANY coin!!!!