Sunday, June 24, 2012

WMF The Cactus Boi

The interesting thing about this young man is not that he is exposing or making a tutorial on a card flourish, no it's his serious laziness on research. First watch the video. The first 40 seconds should be enough:

So what do you see? A normal fan? Yes! There is nothing, I repeat nothing unusual about this fan. A regular standard two handed fan. This is pointed out to the young man in the comments.
"sorry but has i see it's a freaking thumb fan"
to which The Cactus Boy... sorry, Boi replied:
"*facepalm*. Do you actually know anything..? Like, at all?"
Cute isn't it?

So the next commentor asked:

"What's so fuckin' unusual at this "ordinary" fan?"
Our young magician replied:
"Well, the technique hasn't been used before (or not to my knowledge) and the fan itself looks like a pressure fan, you're just doing less work and not applying the full pressure to help the cards go around. I can do the pressure fan with ease now, so I don't use this move much at all anymore."
Dude! The technique hasn't been used before? To his knowledge.... well that means his knowledge is worth jack shit. Yet he goes out doing tutorials... how about reading books first.


Marplots said...

Finally, a bit of card manipulation I might actually be able to learn. First, however, I need to practice my criss-cross force.

The Frodocat said...
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Gary Jones Magic said...

Books? Who the fuck reads books these days..........I do lol. The history of magic and who came up with what is slowly being erased from magic, most of the research these kids do is to watch Blaine or Angel!!

Bongo97 said...

This explains all

its not a normal fan!

the truth said...

You guys are just old men that want to make kids feel bad at how they do as magicians how bout you all get a life and quit hating on something that better than what you can do. The unusual fan is unusual. It uses pressure in the fan, so watch the tutorial and then tell me if it is a thumb fan, OLD MEN.

the truth said...

and the cactus boi is a better magician and flourisher than you old men will ever be.

Justin said...


You might want to read this sentence

"The unusual fan is unusual. It uses pressure in the fan"

again. Pressure in a fan?! Henry Christ almighty, that sounds quite unusual.

Also, protip: when using "old men" as a derogatory term, keep in mind that you're establishing an Us vs. Them situation. Consequently, if We are old men, You are a young child.

21 going on 80,