Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's Kieler Woche Baby! Yet Again!

Today was a fun day at the Kieler Woche. Today I ran into "security". The first time in seven years. I was finishing my show and then I got approached by two really tall guys with big black vests telling me what to do.

Them: "You have to know that you are allowed to stay here... but you must not ask for money."
Me: "Wait what? I didn't ask for money, I told them if they want to they can pay me.
Them: "No mention of money, if they put you something in the hat, that would be okay."
Me: "Alright"

I have to mention that these guys really were nice about it. So I did my next show. Instead of mentioning money I just took off my hat and placed it on the table. Telling my audience if they want a business card they can come up and take on. By now there were five security guys.

Them: "Sorry you cannot hand out business cards either."
Me: "Really? Man you're breaking my balls. Can I at least mention my website."
Them: "Nope, nothing that is commercial."

So I asked them where exactly their "power" to tell me what to do ends. They said at the end of the ferris wheel. So I went there and the place was shit...

So I was thinking, who are those guys and how exactly are they allowed to tell me what to do. On the official Kieler Woche website they clearly state that no permission is needed, and that the only rule is not to gather too many people so the other people can still walk freely. No mention about money and all of that bullshit.

So I went back to my old pitch. Right in front of the police station. I recalled that the police had no problem with me being there. In fact if somebody wanted to do music there the police told them not be play here. Not so in my case. Last year the head of the police stepped outside of the station to ask me for a business card.

So I went into the police station asking about this year's regulation. Turns out that the area around the police station belongs to the police station. They can allow or forbid anybody they want to. The security working for the city has nothing to say on that particular patch of land.

Knowing that I set up my pitch again. As I was doing that the lady in charge of that part of the Kieler Woche walked by. I though damn it... I should talk to her. So we talked... and I got the official statement that I'm allowed to ask for money.

I did two more shows, clearly asking for donations. Then it started to rain.

I'm looking forward to a sunny day tomorrow.


darkstar said...

Enojyable tale. Great pic too! Look at all those folks. You must be doing something right...who would have thought. Gives me some faith in the police deaprtment too, though in another country.

The Frodocat said...

Good luck man, sounds like a fun time out there!

Bizzaro. said...

Good for you. Damn the man!