Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's been bothering me!

I gotta give Jay Sankey a bit of credit. When he came up with the "Three Ring Circus" it was a smart move to use real key rings. They are instantly recognized as a normal object and people know about their properties...
They know that they can be linked. That brings any linking routine into a believable realm. Yet the links look magical, making that precious "suspension of disbelief" much easier for the audience.

Now if you are going to do a linking ring routine using tiny little rings, I'd say go for the "Three Ring Circus" by Jay Sankey.

Knowing that the Magic Makers' version sucks major ass.

Dear Magic Makers.... or better dear Rob Stiff. If you gonna steal at least steal correctly. You ripped of the design of the Mystery Box by John Kennedy and you managed to created a product that looks cheap even in your poor attempt at advertising. But I guess people will buy it anyway. They will probably look past the tell tale handling and give two shits about the actual designer of that particular box.

Same goes for your "Magic Cartoon Deck" Not only did you manage to not get the credits straight you even tell a flat out lie. You say: "Based on an original effect in the same playing card flip book format with an animated magic top hat and dove flying out from 1954 and 1959 by Educards of Canada"

That maybe true but is not the inspiration that you had for real. You just copied the Card Toon Deck. And you even did it wrong. It is supposed to look like you just doodled on the back of the cards. In your version the drawings are clearly printed on. The white color gives it away that it really isn't any normal deck, but a special magic deck, therefore making the effect worthless. Again.... if you gonna steal at least steal correctly.

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Michael Jay said...

There's a reason why so many folks in the magic industry derisively refer to this company as "Magic Fakers."