Sunday, June 17, 2012

This grosses me out!

Posted by "Gr8gorilla" on the Magic Cafe
"So today I washed my Goshman Color changing ball to jumbo square. I swear to you, each one of them doubled in size. The Square won't even fit in the box it came any longer without being compressed. Is that normal for super soft sponges? Do they always grow when wet or moist? It was so noticeable that I could almost imagine an effect where the ball was moistened and grows before your eyes...."
That's disgusting... Don't you wash you balls each time you use them? They get dirty when people touch them. Those sweaty balls... but that's not the point... Ball to jumbo square? Really?

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Gr8gorilla said...

First of all thanks for thinking my wet balls were worthy of a weekly magic failure post. I am flattered.

And about the ball to square, any trick can be great if presented correctly and the audience finds them entertaining.

K thanks Bye!