Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Do you remember the Men in Coats?


And now for something completely different:


funnybaldbloke said...

Don't you just love people without an original bone in their body? Might not be as bad if they had made the routines their own, after all the 'small man' idea was not created by 'Men In Coats' , but to just steal the routine as a whole, and then present it in a way that can only be described as SHIT makes these people the scum of the entertainment industry. If I was the performer who they'd ripped off I'd do everything I could to publicly humiliate them...then I'd have them killed!

Unknown said...

I remember Tim Conway doing this as Dorf. So he should come back and sue these guys?

funnybaldbloke said...

Not quite the same thing as he was just kneeling down but if it turns out Men In Coats have copied the act as well then people should be made aware. This sort of thing is getting far too common now. Wasn't there some argument between Rudy Coby and Peter Marvey over allegedly stealing a 'Little Person' idea?

Bizzaro. said...

I have always wondered if I would pull a Tomsoni and walk onto stage if someone ripped off an effect while I was in the audience and just kick the shit out of them.

Is that bad PR or justified?

Unknown said...

I was looking at an old Abbott's catalog from the forties this morning and this act is advertised at $2.00. So this is older than I thought

adrian mctiernan said...

I don't really care who thought of this originally, because the men in coats do it best of all those in this compilation. I don't see the problem in using the same material, except these others do it less well, with less polish, more mistakes shown, the pogo stick is much better with the men in coats, and it is more clear to me what they mean when they use facial expressions. I am a bit disappointed that others have done the same gags, etc., but I hope they have the originality to come up with more inventive and new things for them to do. What has happened to them now? - I have not seen them anywhere for a long time

Wayne said...

An "ex-friend" runs a comedy event once a month and we had the pleasure of seeing these guys live a few months ago.
I had a chat with them afterwards and if memory serves me correctly, they stopped doing the act for a while, but have since come back to it.
Looking at their website, it appears the main guy - Michael Dow (the blonde guy) isn't in the show at the moment - but then he has been doing it for around 15 years, and they apparently setup a 2nd team to cope with demand.
With regards to the others, they are just not comparable. The timing etc. is so much better than the others, in fact the first ones seem bored - i.e. they have no real facial reactions and are out of time etc.
If you look at the act, it is really just a series of sight gags that everyone knows - the "levitation" for example - but put together with panache and showmanship, and that's what the others are lacking!