Tuesday, May 29, 2012

You got Sankeytized

Straight from Jay Sankey's website

A NOTE TO EXPERIENCED MAGICIANS If you think you already know the secrets behind all these amazing effects, keep in mind that Jay's been teaching people the secrets to performing REAL MAGIC for over 30 years. So no matter how experienced a magician you may be, you are still going to learn something special from these free videos! 

Yes and remember: even an experienced magician who teaches magic for thirty years can still do the Twirl Change wrong!


Mike said...

He's really a case of the Emperors New Clothes for me.

Don't think he's as inventive as people think he is --just think he tweaks existing knowledge --apparently that makes him a genius.

And I've got a coin DVD of his somewhere where he is pushing some of his invented moves and dropping the freakin coins whilst teaching them.

Just don't buy his schtick at all.

m said...

And here I was thinking i was the only one to notice how rubbish his twirl change looks.