Sunday, April 29, 2012

Winner Matthew J Dowden

It is April. In celebration of this blogs three year existence, the whole month will be winner time. Only the coolest and best members of our elite circle of nerds will be featured.

Today: Matthew J Dowden

Last entry before going back to the usual business. Matthew J Dowden, an accomplished performer with class. Because when it comes to magic we should not forget for whom we do all of that. For our audience. And that is what he does. I don't see him running the circuit. (Although I urge you to check out his Party Animal DVD's; killer material there!) He is actually out there in the real world working for real people.

He certainly understood what magic is all about and what his role is. And rarely I see a performer embracing the act of performing they way I see him doing that. He is relaxed, funny, alert, present and full of that initial spark that drives the evolution of magic. That is a big thing to say. I have met performers who love magic but hate their audience. To them the audience is a necessary evil in order to do the beloved magic. Not so in Matthew's case. Also the style he chose to present his magic is cool. It actually makes magic look cool. Watch his show reel:

There is class and personality. And it comes through watching him perform. You don't book a magician. You don't even book the "Champion of Magic" or any other award winning performer. You book Matthew J Dowden. And that is a good thing. A real magician who doesn't talk down to his audience, who doesn't ridicule himself or his audience, who has a a sense of honesty and authenticity about him, who is darn creative, has commercial sense and serious chops.

Winner. Big time winner.


Admin said...

You torrented his Party Animal DVD ? :)

Roland said...

Nope, I watched it when I was at a magic buddy's house. He bought it from Alkazam I believe.

Flo said...

Penguin Magic ;-)

Justin said...

Why would Roland've torrented the dvd?

Admin said...

It was just a question ... ^^ Because I did.

(Wait for flaming attack)

Justin said...

Why waste words?

Dick move.

Admin said...

Yeah, like you've never torrented ANYTHING. Saint.