Friday, May 18, 2012

Cryptic Headline!

When did Paul Harris start slapping his shitty name on every magic product?

Almost as bad as Harry Lorayne!

The sad thing... whenever I hear the name Paul Harris I think of the little man and what an over hyped piece of shit it was. And having that in mind I can't take any product seriously even if it actually is good.


Admin said...

What's the matter with Paul Harris ?

Justin said...

It's right there in Roland's post--he started slapping his name on every shitty magic product known to man. And was responsible for Little Man.

Stacy said...

I'm rather a fan of his Art Of Astonishment books, but you're right, his name appears a lot. This is probably just because he's gotten involved in publishing. That said, with his name on so many things, he's bound to end up associated with a few clangers.

darkstar said...

I've been a black sheep on Paul since the 80's. He has some great moments, don't get me wrong...but it feels like 90 percent of his ideas are just fluff.
I recall stating a card trick from his DVD series was very poor at Cafe....hoooollllyyyyy shit. You'd think I said I fucked everyone's grandmother.

Paul Harris is a business man...nothing wrong with that, I just get the vibe that people forget that and go straight to the "approved by a brilliant mind in magic".

Justin said...

The problem with Paul is that he's got excellent ideas. But that's just what most of them are--unfinished ideas. That's why I admire his stuff--cuz it's material that I can build upon. On top of that, he's an extremely likable guy.

So that's what made seeing all this shit so baffling.

Barry Solayme said...


I've been saying this all along. Animate and frigging restore, for Chrissakes? With a freakin envelope?

If you want quality unworkable magic products, I have some great effects coming out with some of the leading young bucks in magic. It's all about bucks, folks.


Anonymous said...

Paul Harris is brilliantly weird!