Sunday, January 22, 2012

Audio Rant #13 Meta Joking



Trickster said...

I agree with most every thing you say here, except the bit about levitating a chair being cool ;) Next you'll be expecting us to believe that card tricks are cool :)

darkstar said...

OK. Totally off base (but not...uh huh uh).

Alan Moore did a fun 2 set graphic novel called Top 10. The base is that everyone is a super hero, so how to police a world of super heroes...thus the Top 10.

Might like it as per the vibe of the topic.

The Smiling Mule said...

Come on, show us how low your balls are hanging: where's that WMF for Genii?

Marplots said...

What the heck? The puppet doesn't actually talk? I've seen it; the puppet talks. It doesn't even sound like the other guy.