Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA and

I agree, even though this law wouldn't really have an effect on my German website. Free Speech should not be made impossible, because some assholes (The entertainment industry) get too much fucking power to censor Domain names (the DNS for those curious). Sure piracy is bad, but hitting a fly with a sledgehammer is overkill and often enough not working.

This means that this blog the way it runs would not be possible anymore. Enough hate filled magicians would try to censor this blog, and all it would take is just one guy. Well technically it would mean that you cannot type "" into your browser and expect to get here. You would have to type: "" so now you know. And knowing is half the battle.


Tensai said...

Did you just give out your domain's IP Address? o.O

Do you know what DDoS is?

Trickster said...

I think you are trying to sound cleverer than you are Tensai, Domain IP's are no secret, your browser resolves the domain name to the IP every time you enter it and simply using the resolve command in a console window will give you the IP directly (or use tracert and get every IP it goes through to get there as well)
So the question is, do you know what a DDoS attack is? You may know what it stands for, but do you have any idea how it is achieved?
IP addresses for domain names are never any great secret, we only have domain names as they are easier to type and remember than IP octets.

Trickster said...

I forgot to mention that isn't the IP for this site, Roland's blog IP is, although direct access via that IP is forbidden.

terran said...

this tensai guy lol

Tensai said...

It may be no secret, but you're sure making it a lot easier for certain people to fire up the Low Orbit Canon.

But hey, what do I know? I'm just silly Tensai. :D

Be safe everyone and have fun.

darkstar said...


nosey parker

Trickster said...

LOL, LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon) takes a domain name or an IP so it still makes no difference.
I smell a script kiddie.

Tensai said...

Ya, I guess you're right. You probably should be fine. Nothing to worry 'bout :D

Wow, you're really smart Mr Trickster. :)

Trickster said...

Knowing what I'm talking about might make it seem like it Tensai, or perhaps it's my lack of baseless paranoia.

Tensai said...

That may be it. I'm just a little cautious, that's all. I may not be the brightest crayon in the tool-shed, but I do know that their are mean people online, and some of them can do bad things. That's why I generally frown at people who give personal info away online.

Just my thoughts: No matter how smart ya are, there is always someone smarter, waiting.

Be safe :)

Magnus Asbjorn said...

@Tensai Your IP address is not personal info its given away in the packet header every time you do anything online. And like Trickster said you may not see it but when you go to a website your browser is using the IP address and not the domain name.

@The Blog Post itself, I remember reading an article that SOPA and PIPA would cause trouble every where. And not too long ago the USA got permission to extradite a British man that has never been to the US for hosting a website that contained links to copyrighted material.