Tuesday, October 11, 2011

WMF Geryn Childress Again!

Hey remember that kid?

Right... that's him:

He is a child of Geryn Childress. (I'm not making up shit here)

That means, Geryn was well aware of the illegal content of his website and was supporting it. Which makes all his claims fucking bull shit. I don't believe that man anymore.

There is a lengthy tread about him over at Genii. Read that to know all about the other side projects of Mr. Childress.

I've been told that the Childress family owns about 10 websites. So claiming to be new at this online stuff is a lie by Mr Childress.

So I am putting him back on the list as a WMF.

And before anybody does any claim about protecting the identity of his child... Geryn Childress himself makes those pictures and videos available. I'm just linking to them.


Tomsk192 said...

Surprise surprise. Not.

Call me a crusty old cynic, but his excuses had the hollow sound of a dried out piece of shit.

Using your kids to market illegal downloads, now that is classy. Classy, spelled c.u.n.t.

Tomsk192 said...

Oh, and even if you hadn't got this proof. He put up a blog and video accusing you of child pornography.

Let the shit storm begin on Mr Childish.

Tomsk192 said...

BTW, any French readers of WMF can find his address on the Genii forum Roland linked to. I suspect that accusing people of paedophilic activities with a view to defaming that individual is committing a crime. Time to alert the gendarmes n'est-ce pas?

darkstar said...

Thing is guys. I'm not going to put words into Roland's mouth, but we've never threatened anyone. That's the key, we may talk some shit, but we aren't going to press charges unless it's so out of hand there is nothing else to do.

Tomsk192 said...

I dunno. Someone could put up a site saying you, or I, or Roland is a shithead, or rips people off etc. That is easy to dismiss. But what this guy did is something else entirely.

I agreed with your comment re the gay thing- it just shows he has issues with gay men. But the paedophile thing? If it was me, well I'd get my car on the ferry and be knocking on his door in France within 24 hrs. But Roland is nicer than that for sure.

geryn said...

Another side note: Anyone showing up at my door talking any sh_t, is getting knocked da f_ _k out! pardon my French.

geryn said...

Apparently my first reply didn't go through, yes...this is my son and I never claimed I didn't know the site had the links, I said once I realized the links weren't authorized to be there I took them down and stopped making those videos and changed the site.

You stated:
"I've been told that the Childress family owns about 10 websites. So claiming to be new at this online stuff is a lie by Mr Childress.

So I am putting him back on the list as a WMF."

Anyone can buy websites off ebay for literally pennies on the dollar, but marketing them, optimizing them, and getting them to make you money is something entirely different, so yes I own tons of sites but that doesn't mean I'm not new to this stuff..geez! so again your making a false assumption. Posting pictures up of my son on your negative blog site has crossed the line, I had the videos and blogs about you took down, there is a gay Roland Henning on goggle and I saw a story of a Roland Henning that was arrested for CP, so the story wasn't just made up... my student thought you were him, and I stopped hundred of my students from posting things about you online, not sure I'll stop them anymore, if you want to play ruff we can go that route,I can have hundreds of blogs and videos about you on google,yahoo and bing in less than a day, and I'm sure you can do the same about me, the difference is anything written about me can lead people back to my site where I make money from visitors buying things and clicking around so I really don't mind but people who want to book you for events might search online to see who you are before they allow you at their event or party so it's your choice(Take my kids picture down or else) I thought we called a truce and I even told you if you had any questions just send me an email....NOT COOL!

SORRY WMF(Inside Memo)

@Tom192-I know who you are(Kerin or Melondy J)This person has a vendetta against me because a personal issue I'm having with their parents, look if your mom\dad would have fixed the pipes right in the first place the leaks wouldn't of happened, when the plumbing underground has a leak that's the owner of the property's responsibility to fix not the person renting the land. So whatever issues you guys have you need to take it up with your parents and stop going to different magic forums and hating on me.

Tomsk192 said...

Oh my goodness. You think I am something to do with one of your scams? The child of a landlord you have defrauded, perhaps? (I'm not a mentalist but allow me to continue a la Derren Brown,) No, Geryn, we've never met. I live a "ferry ride" or "chunnel" ride from you. I live in the UK. I just think you are a wazzock. A tit. An arse monkey. You are an arch bullshitter, re your websites et al. In your own words, "grow a pair".

Tomsk192 said...

(And if I turned up "on your doorstep", please bare in mind, it's only a turn of phrase. It wouldn't be on your doorstep.)

childressconsulting said...

I know where you live Tomsk192, and your either them or friends with them so stop the BS, you can hide behind your private profile all you want your still nothing but a scared little coward, don't make me call your mom and make her cut your internet off little boy.

childressconsulting said...

Wazzock!? arse monkey!? who the hell talks like that except a lam loser who never finished school and can't structure sentences properly and won't identify himself but continues to post on different blogs? I'm through with you, I can't even respond anymore to someone so unintelligent, your stupidity might rub off on me, before you post your reply, please! please! go back to school and take some English lessons because trying to understand your sentences or decypher words you can't spell is giving me a headache. I'm just trying to help you out IDIOT! LOL! LOL! LOL! These are my last words to you:"A mind is a terrible thing to waste"

darkstar said...

Pointing out others spelling mistakes is the dregs of debate. It's hard to go much lower in proving some kind of point.

darkstar said...

Creepy part is that is to the tee how Sue Ann Webster would debate. Clone.

childressconsulting said...

The point is Darkstar(Creepy name), I gave Roland the benefit of doubt and actually thought he was an OK guy for admitting his mistakes an apologizing for posting false pictures of me up and making claims about me that weren't true, but to put a picture up of my son on his mean spirited blog and having other members saying where you can find my address and hinting others to showing up at my house...well, that can have repercussions, and since Mr Henning has went through my profile I'm sure he knows I have a fairly large home in Germany as well and I hope he knows finding him won't be too difficult either, I know Kiel Germany pretty well. Roland deserves whatever he gets and any fans of his are no better than the trash that this stupid site spews.

darkstar said...

I have magical toe nails, only 9 though. I also live in a giant bucket.

Trickster said...

Worse that correcting people's spelling is to do it with typos PMSL

Still grinding that axe against Sue-Anne Darkstar? Get over it dude, she's successful and popular and that just really pisses you I think.

You bringing Tim or Sue-Anne into a debate online is your own personal equivalent to Godwin's Law.

Your points are valid but then you lose all credibility by using unrelated debates to grind your own personal axe. Sad really *shakes head*

Justin said...




Geryn. You put your son on the internet. Not Roland. End of story.

darkstar said...

Popular! Yay! Give her another award. Like people's choice of popular populas 2011, then update Wiki.

All I care about is this fine thing next to me. Irony is she's blone, about half the old hags age.

I'll get her in the morning again and ponder that "sad" part.

darkstar said...

*red alert* spelling mishap.

Trickster said...

Did you dye the hair on your knuckles blonde?

I judge women by more than their age.

darkstar said...

Some good irony. I've been writing about the evils of masterbation in my book. There is a lot of science on why single men masterbate, and why they shoud lay off, and stop watching porn.

Anyway. It will be in there, but in a nutshell it's an energy drain. Though single men by their nature feel as if it's better to "get rid of the old, for the new", as do a few other animals in nature also.

Personally I don't masterbate and I hate porn with a passion. If you happened to read this, by al means take the test. You'll feel a lot better and your natural flow and energy of getting laid is but a small but important reason, amongst others.

It's just a habit most get caught up in in their teens. Go at least 7 days and ya'll will see what I mean. If you got a girl, then only fuck her.

I've never found sex and masterbation taboo...much less a "diss" or "insult".

Getting off topic, but mise well share something of value.

Trickster said...

I've been married for 15 years, I'm not supposed to know what sex is any more am I?