Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Daily Card Trick needs your help!

Email address:

Here are the details: Make a video of you doing card magic. It needs to be published card magic. It can even be your own creations. Upload the video to a free fileserver like megaupload or yousendit. Then send me the link to the video and I will download it. Be sure to add a source and your personal comment to the email. Also make it very clear if you want your name attached to that.

I will upload the video to my YouTube account and set it to "unlisted".


darkstar said...

How much does it pay?

I was thinking about just exposing up some old stuff with a new name to T11. If you can beat them I might donate Chicago Opener or Card to Wallet

Tomsk192 said...

I have a better idea. How about exposing some 'T11' stuff, except give it the original crediting?

Nah, it's a crazy idea.

terran said...


terran said...

i mean week, obviously

maybe i can help :)