Sunday, October 23, 2011

Quote To Guide You Through Magic, Life and the Rest!

Here is a nice little piece of advise by Bugs Bunny you may find of use:

"Don't take life too seriously, nobody ever makes it out alive anyway."


terran said...

sometimes (like once a month) I feel so fucking stupid for seriously thinking about card tricks.
The most serious texts I've ever read were written about card tricks.

really? this is what i've come to? lol

I'm seriously practicing a stupid move for 2 months just to do it in a card trick?

I feel I will become a professional just to be able to tell myself "at least I earn money with it"

Szenario said...

only cartoon characters will survive...

Kevin Chou said...

Great quote!

darkstar said...

On the contrary everyone knows my group lives forever. One billion years is but a pebble on the beach. Your false messiah rabbit is rubbish.

I will pray for you.