Saturday, October 15, 2011

Flawless Victory!

I got an email a few days ago:

There's an effect by Shin Lim called "Flawless" which is an ACR technique.
Here it is:

The email continued:
Not a bad idea, per se, but one of the main problems with it is that the double doesn't work well unless the cards are brand new. And even then, it's risky. The bottom side of the double (where you're not gripping) can open, causing a mini-tent effect. Very easy to flash.

What my gripe is, this flaw is IN the demo, in both takes that Shin uses.

So what does Shin do? He momentarily BLURS the video image so the viewer can't see the double is exposed at the bottom! He clearly flashes in both takes, but the blur covers this flash at the obvious point.

I found it rather amusing that Shin couldn't come up with even ONE decent take that has a convincing double in his effect.

Hehe I agree.


darkstar said...

I've been watching this guys stuff as a whole (calling it "his" is a stretch), seems to me they are really scraping the bottom of the barrel with what he is releasing.

darkstar said...

And damn it! That is a Buckley move.

darkstar said...

I'm kind of curious. Do most of you guys think in terms of "that blur makes me want to buy from this company less"?

I think it's a pretty pissy thing to do. It's like covering stale food with gravy at an eatery etc. Chances are fair you'd never go back.

Seems that magicians really have a high tolerance though, some not even really caring at all about the blur.

Trickster said...

Flawless except for the flaw?

Tomsk192 said...

I FUCKING HATE BLUR. (both the eponymous Britpop band AND this piece of piss shit wanking method of filming which owes more to ineptitude and lack of planning than to cinematorial elegance.)

Just an opinion

Bish the Magish

the Minutemen said...

A few thoughts:

Everything in the world have both sides, including the WIRE thing in T11.

On one side it provides a platform for magic materials to release in digital format trying to get a win-win situation for the creator and platform provider T11.

The other side is the quality control which seems not up to a standard where 'hardcore' user accept at this date.

In the world where digital information overflow, magic cannot escape from its benefit, harm as well.

Exposure, one trick instant download follow by free of charge P2P within a month no latest, 99.9% crap products in magic retail market in this era. What else cannot go wrong?

Not to mentioned that young people's mind torn apart by either doing extreme flourish or magic trick. Magic really does become an extreme hobby in the 21 century.

The worst case in my opinion is that a local magician can only survive by selling decks of cards in different back design (already existed and just changed the back color plus a few gaff cards included) for a living. Don't call them magician, they are salesmen from USPCC.

Somehow, the word magician = loser
and I am so sad to see a hobby that I love so much and led me to meet some of the world's best magician become that way.