Sunday, October 16, 2011

They just wanna have fun!

Quick busking story... I was doing my little act when I got to the sponge balls. The presentation involves a spectator jumping and some other bits. So there I was about to do the trick. I was looking for a suitable spectator. My eyes aren't that good, so it was obvious that I was looking for an assistant. Some raised their arm. So did a guy in a wheelchair. And I was all like: "Nope, sorry, can't use you." after which the man in the wheelchair with no legs got an angry face and asked me loud: "WHY NOT!"

Gee I though.... damn I went too far now I look like a discriminating bastard. "The act needs someone to jump, you got no legs" I muttered.

He looked down on his body and replied: "Shit, where are my legs... they were here a second ago."

We all had a laugh. But I wonder how often he pulls somebody's leg (pun intended) with that joke.

So and now I'm off to go at it again!


darkstar said...

Nice. They got their lines.

My best friend was paralized at age 20. I use to say something like "you going to be here later?"

"No, I'm going out for a jog later..what the fuck you think."

Tomsk192 said...