Monday, August 1, 2011

Wormhole is a fancy Name for a Trick!

Cute, when I started in magic I did that same thing (only with one card) also using magnets. Then I learned palming! And boy things changed!

Also gotta love the version of the trick down below. Music is way too epic, the boy doesn't seem to wanna mess up his cards, so he uses stickers and the handling is not what I call rehearsed.

Seriously, what's wrong about palming a card? I am aware that is scares the shit out of most performers. But it is not that hard, ones you get over your fear of doing it. You can achieve a lot of totally direct effects using that method. It's mainly about when you palm. In the above tick for example, you could have the two cards controlled to the top of the pack.

Unbeknownst to the audience you already have two dummy card sticking out of your back pockets. Hand out the deck (while palming) and slowly turn around calling attention to the two cards in your back pockets. You turn back towards your spectators and while the hands go behind your back seemingly taking out the cards.

In reality you push them all the way into your pockets and bring forth the two palmed selections after splitting them, so each hand holds a card. This would be strong, as the cards are seen sticking out of your back pockets before any hand was even there.

Why the heck do I even go into this...? Move along, nothing to see here.

PS. Why is the trick called Wormhole? Just because you look like you are reaching into your ass as you pull out the cards?


KiKeNiCo said...

Holy tears of Marlo! Fuck yeah, cause palming is for pussies! HA! Now, using your ass crack as a topit, that's the real stuff!

RCT, Kiss my topit!

Trickster said...

"PS. Why is the trick called Wormhole? Just because you look like you are reaching into your ass as you pull out the cards?"

Thankfully I wasn't drinking anything when I read that :)

darkstar said...

Your ass works great as a topit. I smuggled some prime hash into the states that way.

PS. That's the only thing I've ever had in my date anyway. With all these ideas floating around here and these small items next to me for impromptu.................

Anyone got Brad's number at Ellusionist? I want more hash.

ChadSanborn said...

Wormhole: Magical Hemorrhoid Treatment