Friday, August 12, 2011

Barry Solayme Injured in London Riots

Dear Readers,

Barrington is currently undergoing treatment in hospital following unfortunate events on Monday night. Full details are available at his blog.

On the bright side, his young protege Michael Crass has agreed to fill in while Barrington is recuperating, for which we must all be thankful! Barrington asks that you do not send flowers, but please send any gifts of cash to the usual paypal address. He will, of course, give all the proceeds to his charity of choice, the Barry Solayme Foundation.

Rupert Twistleton-Wyckham-Cholmondley-Fiennes M.A. (Oxon)

'Agent to the Stars and Beyond'


Roland said...

I wish Barry all the best. And by best I mean all the money.

Rupert M.A. (Oxon) said...

Thank you Roland. Rest assured that Barrington will be on his feet and marketing as soon as the bandages are removed. Meanwhile please keep the donations coming in. The Cafe have already raised $62,000.

Rupert M.A. (Oxon)