Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WMF Geryn Childress

Edit: Turns out, I made a big mistake. I put together to guys in my mind assuming they are the same person. CLICK THIS LINK AND READ THE WHOLE STORY. I will leave the original post as it is, so you see that I am not hiding my errors. Consider the post following now as false:

Exposure... he's got a website ( dedicated to "teach" magic. Of course he doesn't teach his own material so he is not teaching but exposing. And to round this up: He offers a membership on his website for 25 bucks a year. If you become a premium member this is what you get:

Function 9(Calen Morelli)
Dresscode(Calen Morelli)
Downfall(Dan Hauss)
Titan finger
This is Mentalism(Ellusionist)
Art Of Astonishment 1,2,3(Paul Harris)
Corners volume1 and 2
V2f 2.0
Akira Fuji linking cigarettes
Daniel Garcia’s Fraud
Ponta the smith SICK
Sleeveless Sleeving
Matthew Mello-technique
Andrew Mayne-In Half
Brian Tudor-ShowOff

The moral issues aside for a moment. I am sure that none of the creators have given their permission. This makes Mr. Childress' business even interesting from a legal point of view. He is making money of others peoples creations.

So he is this weeks magic failure. Too bad. He seems like a likable character.
His sponge ball magic video on YouTube has got almost Three-Million hits. Let this roll over your tongue. Three-Million. That is the kind of exposure that many of us wish we could get.

Wanna see what this leads to?

Well, Yippee ki-yay, motherfucker!

Edit: It seems like the above claims are not true anymore. I was told via email by Mr. Childress himself that he bought the website and that stuff was already there. According to him he removed the illegal content after knowing what it was. That is his story. Last time I checked it still was all about exposure, sorry I meant "teaching", still holding up the title.


The Smiling Mule said...

Fucking disgrace.

If he's making a lot of money, he'll be liable for VAT and could face a hefty fine if he hasn't registered.

Report the bastard.

Stijn Hommes said...

Even better, inform all the people he's stealing from and send a mass bunch of DMCA takedown notices. If he doesn't respond, get his ISP to shut him down.

(and report him to whatever IRS-like organization is appropriate in his country).