Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Effect: The performer has done amazing miracles. Naturally he deserves a break. A candy break. He even brought with him an new kind of candy. It comes in a small jar. It has a weird label. "Some Russian candy" the magician say. He opens the lid and a glow seems to come from the inside.
He takes out a candy, it is glowing. Still, he eats it. "Funny taste, where does it come from?" The label says: "Chernobyl! Aha... at least that explains the glow."
The magician eats more and more of that glow in the dark candy. Suddenly he burps. "I think that was too much... it feels like it is growing in my stomach" He reaches up his mouth and produces a mouth coil.

The nice thing: All is self contained in the small candy jar. A L.E.D at the very top to produce the glow, a mouth coil and the D'light (preferably greenish)

It could also be from "Springfield, USA" depending on the crowd.

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