Monday, August 29, 2011

Swiss Money!

Over the last few days all my posts were scheduled post, ergo I was not around to post them. I was in Switzerland doing serious busking. The Swiss currency, the franc, is pretty strong. It always has been strong, but do to the world economics and the failure of the US to keep it's triple A status the franc has become even stronger. So busking there seemed like a wise thing. In Germany you can go to McDonald and get a cheap hamburger for one Euro. In Switzerland the same product costs about 2,50 francs, which converted to Euros is 2,40 €. That is more than 200%.

Luckily I didn't have to pay for my stay so I made money. Lot's of money. To the Swiss people it's just a few francs, to me it's like half my rent. So it was very rewarding to be a German worker in this small non-EU country.

However a Swiss busker will have trouble outside his own country. He will work the whole day, for about 300 Euros or so and will get very little in his own country.

If you are a busker and are busking in a different country you have more to worry about that just the language barrier. World economics really become an important issue.

Sadly the following lines got the most positive reactions:

"As I prepared for my stay in Switzerland I got a list of two points I need to say in order to get popular with you Swiss folk:
1. I am really happy to be a guest in your wonderful country.
2. I will also leave! ... tomorrow!"

Now it's back to the usual...

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