Friday, October 22, 2010

WMF Matt Hollywood

Ever heard of Matt Hollywood... well if you are not an Australian, probably not. But he seems to be the shit over there. Seems to be.

But he is not what he makes himself out to be.

He does a card sword routine which apparently is an exact copy of a routine that Mark Kornhauser does.

Matt uses it without consent. Not making it his own is lazy and could be considered theft.
He also copies Kornhauser's Little Man comedy bit.

Matt has a website called Sydneymagician which used to be a website just about Matt Hollywood, although he is not from Sydney. He is from the Gold Coast, Sydney is way more south. (btw: His office in Sydney is still a construction site.)
Later the website was changed to include other magicians in the list. Each link brings you to the main page which has just Matt Hollywood listed and Ace McDermott (the mentor of Matt). So technically, if you are looking for an Australian magician, let's say Phil Cass you might end up on this website and you cannot get any details about him. Well a few might stop and just take that Matt Hollywood. Phil Cass was not asked to be listed on the website, nor did he give any permission. What does this mean? Matt Hollywood actually uses other magicians names to get booked. In nature there is a good term for that. Parasite!

Also, Matt does multiple bookings. He gathers all the possible bookings and then decides to which to go to. Then he calls the other clients and tells them he is sick. That really makes him unreliable. Also two years ago he was booked for a wedding for 3000$ (Australian Dollars mind you), two nights before the show he sold the show to another magician for 600$ who then sold it to yet another for 400$. That is low. Really low behaviour. So naturally Matt Hollywood got kicked out of all kinds of agencies.

So what does a smart, young man with a business plan do? He made up his own agency. Boastfully called Australian Speakers and Entertainers Bureau. It is totally fake. The only magician listed is Matt himself. Sad isn't it.

But wait, there is more. At Melbourne Magicians (again Matt is from the Gold Coast, and Melbourne is even more South) no actual magician from Melbourne is listed. But if you are from Melbourne and want to be listed it says:

Would you like to be listed amongst Melbourne’s Leading Magicians?

We have strict qualification criteria including skill, interpersonal skills, product knowledge, stage presence, professional presentation skills and more. Please send your name and details with your website, show reel and speak with one of our team players to organise for a viewing and official feedback of your performance. For those who qualify, it is a yearly fee of $495.00 and a $375.00 joining fee application.

Now this is just a scam. You don't pay money to be in an agency. They pay you, by booking you.

So far, Matt Hollywood is a Thief, a Jerk, a Parasite, and Blowhard. Now add Scam Artist to the list.

But there is even more. He also saturates the Internet with himself by having tons of websites, acting like he can be in more places that one at the same time. I don't like this behaviour.

According to his own claims and website Matthew Thomas, sorry Matt Hollywood is Australia's Champion of Magic.

This title doesn't exist. (However there is a title called Champion Magician of Australia, which was awarded only twice to Peter Rodda in 1976 and to Loris Purcell in 1980) The only things Mr. Hollywood ever won was 3rd prize in the close up category at the 28th Australian Magic Convention in 2002, 3rd place in Strolling Magic in 2000 and 1st place in the close up category in 1998. Matt claims to have won awards in Germany. I checked. He won nothing major. Although I must admit there is this weird habit of some local circles to hand out little fake certificates to children. They look really neat. And I assume Matt's German skills don't go beyond "Guten Tag" and "Gesundheit" so he might have misunderstood that.

So add liar to the list...

Now his technical skill. Is he a good magician? Well no. I have seen a few of his stuff. Most is self working store bought stuff. (At least he can backpalm ONE card)
Here have a look at one of his many appearances at the Shak, an Australian children's television program

Stock jokes, no personality, no skill and no good routining. So add bungler to the list.

Matt used to be a police officer and I don't know why, but every single police officer I know who does magic (I know 5 of them) is an greedy asshole. Coincidence? Might be.

But hey, Matt if you should read this. I will give you a German award. It's called Weekly Magic Failure. You can keep it.

This just in:

I checked out the business mastery course. It says: BE AN ASSHOLE!


Anonymous said...

I randomly found this blog, and I have to say you come across as the most bitter, conceited, judgmental person I've ever encountered that maintained a blog.

It's a miracle that you post this often, even with probably no one reading.

John said...

Hey Roland, I think Matt Hollywood found your blog. hehe

Gary Magic said...

You will find BGIII that this blog is read by 100s of magicians worldwide! Roland's views are his own, while not everyone will agree with all he says, most of the time he's pretty well spot on.

You're also entitled to your opinion, and I'm sure, at times, many will disagree with you too!!

Stijn Hommes said...

One thing puts me off more than anything else and that is misleading websites and business names. You don't call a site Sydneymagician when there are no actual magicians from Sydney to be found there. That's just plain old scamming. The same goes for fake magic awards and pompous business names like "Australian Speakers and Entertainers Bureau". You make it sound like an official national organization when it's not.

And not visiting all the shows you're booked for... well, I don't have any words for that.

RollsKinardly said...

I saw Matt Hollywood perform at an Australian magicians convention. He did the bit where you get inside the giant balloon. Only thing is that it popped halfway, leaving him looking rather sheepish. He also did Kevin James' umbrella card sword routine, but forgot to stab the cards while they were flying through the air ... so he sheepishly stabbed nothing and the chosen cards appeared from nowhere. His practises (fake agencies, dropping gigs for higher paying ones, use of other Aus performers' signature routines etc) are blatantly unethical. Marketing is an important part of any business, especially show business. But Matt Hollywood has consistently crossed the line.

robert said...
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robert said...

he won the close up magic with ring flight (which tells you of the quality of the others in the competition- he even stuffed up the routine by having the wallet appear in his hands, and then he wins. umm what the?

The ego of this guy if you actually could be bothered to speak with him is out of this world, he believes his own hype. It's all hype when you speak with him, but he doesn't deliver. Essentially he is the worst kind of performer
1: Copies other magicians
2: Claims to be better than he really is with made up awards
3: Cancels gigs in favour of better paying gigs
4: Claims to be in multiple locations when he is not
5: Uses other magicians names on his website with zero info on those magicians

It doesn't get much worse than that
did I miss anything, I am approaching all the speaker agencies and live performances and warning them that they will be reported to the ACCC (An astralian watch dog for businesses) if they continue to promote Matt hollywoods fake awards, it is misleading the public and it must stop.

It is one thing to say Leading magician it is another to say they have beated other magicians in competition- this is a more measurable position and must stop.

Rob said...

I've been hearing a lot about Matt lately as well. Apparently he is one of the most financially successful magicians in Australia, but does anything for this, and seems to operate with a complete lack of business ethics or common decency.

It even seems he is high jacking / editing other magicians google listings, so that photos, comments, and even web address, all point directly to him! And, when those entertainers contact him about it, he doesn't respond or take action to rectify.

Based on a thread I've been reading, he's been doing this for several years, and seems to have highjacked at least half a dozen performers listings. That just screams scumbag to me.

Just look at these two links as examples:

Anonymous said...

FYI - He is also up for alleged Child Molestation charges - was in Brisbane Magistrates Court before Christmas 2012.

Anonymous said...

"FYI - He is also up for alleged Child Molestation charges - was in Brisbane Magistrates Court before Christmas 2012."

Matt Hollywood may be guilty of many things, but this he is not!
is there a link/evidence? If not this should be removed.

Zepp said...

Just saw his act on 'After the Bounce' and it was amateurish at best. He sounds like a scumbag as well.

biokool said...

Matt Hollywood did a small show at the Melbourne and Monash University postgraduate ball the other night. Hands down the worst tricks and worst magician I have ever seen...

Tianne Hamiora said...

OMG and we have sites advertising for discounts to his shows like Groupon etc. Sooo lucky I found this blog sooo put off

David Swann said...

He is still up to his old tricks. No Show at Village Theatre, Sanctuary Cove near Gold Coast. Wish I had seen this page before buying tickets. Some people had driven from Brisbane. Matt, before you disappear, you first have to appear.

Matt Hollywood..haha.. said...

Matt has had a show at the Village Theater for over a year and has great reviews, Changed his act and kept people coming back.
You sound like a bunch of jealous "has beens".