Monday, January 13, 2014

Just Monday!

Remember Christopher Wayne? The naked magician? Aka the Gospel magician? I was a bit confused to see an outspoken Christian magician doing a naked act. I assume others have felt the same, so an open statement by Christopher Wayne was about due:

Hey guys, I have something very important to share.Alot of you would know me as a "Christian Entertainer".As of today I want to publicly let you know that this is not something that I identify as any more. This is a journey that I have been on for some time, and want to be really straight forward and open because of my profile.Im still very passionate about encouraging people to live their... lives to their full potential, but the Christian faith is now something that I am no longer tied to professionally or personally.
I will still be working in entertainment, and I am still the same guy that you know and love.
For the years that I shared my faith journey on stage, I will say that it was a real pleasure to be able to use my story to encourage people on their own personal journeys.
If you have any questions or thoughts, Im more than happy to hear them and would invite you to contact me directly on
Much love always. CW

That brings up a very interesting thought. And being the devil's advocate I feel the need to share that thought: Pretending to be a Christian magician would get you performances as you would get into the Gospel circuit. And that would get you money. So did Wayne initially just work the church angle to get regular work?


Marplots said...

Doesn't matter, does it? You think the guy at the tradeshow, shilling Ford cars, actually thinks Ford cars are better than any other?

Gospel magic is just selling religion. I don't think it matters if the entertainer believes or not - they are just entertaining in the required venue.

I'm an atheist, but if there were money in it, I'd do religious magic.

AdMan said...

Yes, gospel magic is just selling yet another product, but it is a bit hypocritical if you don't actually believe. As another atheist, I personally would feel uncomfortable performing magic in a fashion that would encourage religious belief. I'm glad he's come forward.

A Devil In Me said...

I'm just waiting to launch my career as a faith healer in the US. I'm going to use my scottish charm and amezzin ability to fire God bullets out of my nipples to heal the world and make fat bank in the process.

Christopher Wayne said...

I dont normally involve myself in online forums, but I thought it was important to respond to this, as suggesting I was doing Gospel Magic for financial gain only is not a thought I warm to.

I identified as a Christian from the age of 16, and spent all of my adulthood (until recently) as a practicing (but by no means perfect) Christian. My faith was a part of my life before magic was. When I started doing magic, using it to share my faith and encourage others was the most important thing in the world to me. And absolutely yes I made a living out of it.

I came to a point recently when my faith was challenged to the point of deciding I no longer identified as a Christian, and I thought it was important to be open, honest, and to deal with the issue with integrity - hence my open statement on my fanpage.

If anyone has any questions, please contact me directly at and I will take the time to respond personally.


Misophoniac said...

Mr. Wayne:

I'm thrilled that you've decided to stop believing in the one-way telepathic communication that many people claim happens with an invisible man living in the sky. Good on ya.

Mikey A. said...

that's a shame, chris wayne.. i'm just not sure where the shame starts and ends.