Thursday, January 2, 2014


Ah another year. Somehow I think it won't be too different from all the many years we had together. Someone in the magic community will fuck up and tries to cover up his tracks. I will point out the failure and get more hate mail.

I wonder what purpose finger pointing has, aside from the instant satisfaction of doing so. Apparently it doesn't change a thing. But maybe I'm thinking about it too much. This blog seems to have it's readers and among those are even some fucking idots who are fans. To you: "Happy New Year!" To the rest "Happy New Year!" Why should I treat people differently?

So what happened on the magic front? You know, those magic trenches! Nothing much either. People are still doing the ambitious card, but this year they will spice it up with Vapr.

PS: I took an old image, because I'm retro!


Gary Jones Magic said...

I think you're a fucking idiot at times, but then we all are at times! Happy New Year to you!

Double Deal said...

Seriously - this is the best magic blog. I can't stop laughing as I read/watch. Hope this next year has some good stuff in store! Let the truth be known and don't pull and punches!