Wednesday, January 8, 2014

And now for something completely different!

At least they have taken RED out of the store shelves. And the Facebook page banner of the World Magic Shop has been reset as well. But still no statement and no mention at all. That at least is a good indicator that it is taken seriously and discussed behind closed doors.

Will it change anything? Nope! I assume they will give out a big appology, Bob King will get some of the money, after the production cost have been taken. And life will go on. People will forget. The Internet will forget.

I will not. So my watch begins!


The Smiling Mule said...

haha brilliant dentist's tattoo!

Barry Solayme said...

A few of us won't forget.
I'll bet Wayne Dobson hasn't forgotten the last time.
Brad Henderson hasn't forgotten the time before that.
How about a handy round-up of WMS's WMF's?
Nice tattoo, by the way, Roland. You do realise it's permanent, right? ;-)


Anonymous said...

The arseholes over at the magic cafe have locked the RED topic. Brooks must have been paid off by World Magic Shop.

The WMS weekly youtube show has been published today too with no mention of the RED debacle.


Dennis said...

A statement was made by both Craig Petty and Jon Farr, in the now deleted Café topic.

Craig's was a bit wishywashy; he may have used NWP, but wasn't sure. He might have reinvented it, but nobody recognised it... How you forget using one of your formerly favorite tricks is beyond me though.

This weeks WPR show was apparently recorded before the RED revelations. It's clear as day they waited to make a statement until they had absolutely no other choice; the first comparions were made weeks ago, even before it was on sale.

Krab said...

They said it was filmed before, but their facebook page had a post about their guest being in shop to film on Monday. Yet another misremeberence. Then there is the red sweatshirt, and other little jabs here and there.

itsesdiscussions said...

Dynamite Magic Store, a big European seller located in the Netherlands, decided to take it one step further.

This is what they placed in their latest newsletter:
"We have a bunch of new items, one which is RED, something that has caused a lot of controversy on the Internet. This item has been taken off the market. However, we have some left in stock (because suddenly everyone seems to want to get it now!)."

The store owner René Geelen also advertised it via Facebook:

Some people know no shame!