Monday, October 7, 2013

WMF Jay Sankey ... for now

I always had this weird stance on Jay Sankey. One the one hand I admire his creativity albeit it's full of rehashing, but on the other hand his business conduct seems more than fishy.

But this new trend of his makes me award him a title. Basically he had let himself down to deal with the scum of the magic community. The exposers on YouTube. Maybe Jay doesn't know, though his technical abilities make me doubt that. He should clearly know that the people he deals with are maybe not mean spirited towards magic, but clearly disrespecting the secrets of magic and the creators who have come up with those.

I don't understand why Jay even bothers to mess about with them? Is he possessed by the spirit of attention? Does he need to crave admiration so much that he goes there? I really hope I'm missing something here.


Charlie Pugsley said...

Maybe Jay thinks by taking part, he will inspire people to respect magic more, read books, practice hard before performing etc etc..

Krab said...

Or he is just trying to sling his packages of DVDs to anyone and everyone. If you listen to him now it is all about doing magic while at work or at school. It's like he has stopped producing magic for the workers and skilled amateurs, and went straight after the newest download crowd.

Also the customer service on his store site is pretty crap. They do not tell you when they send things out, only that items are shipped out within 24 hours. They send items out later than "All items ship withing 24 hours" line and send you the wrong items. i wanted to get "In a Flash" in both red and blue, since I use blue decks from time to time, only to get two sets of red. On top of that, they were old style bikes so the jokers were black and white and the pips were slightly smaller. Not to mention the cards were warped.

No i think Jay is in full money making mode now. I really think T11 The E and things like what Jay is doing now is some dark days for those of us who love magic. I'm sure at some point the guys behind these sites loved magic as well, but got lost in the wilderness along the way. I also lay some of this at the feet of David Blaine's TV specials...5.

Charlie Pugsley said...

I should of made it clearer that I was being slightly tongue in cheek!