Sunday, October 20, 2013

Self Leviation by Shim Lim, Jose Morales and Paul Harris

Are they really trying to sell the Balducci? Really? And who? Shim "I don't fake my magic demos" Lim, Jose "I know a two handed cut where you have to blow on the cards" Morales and Paul "I put my used to be good name on every shitty product" Harris.

If this is serious I should release a DVD about the key card principle. I didn't come up with it, but I would make money doing so.

Cash grabbing parasites!


Krab said...

You can't do the key card DVD. I have it ready to go along with a bonus effect with a short card and a one way deck. There is a bidding war between Paul Harris E and T11 to put it out.

Now that I typed that I wonder if I will get a email from on of them asking if I really have this as a project they can buy.

The Ranter said...

At least they don't rename it. Still no excuse but you have to give them a microscopic modicum of respect for not taking the Balducci and renaming it as their wholly own effect.

Daz Buckley said...

No I don't have to give them any type of respect at all ! This is poor form but then, they'd never get my money anyway. I'm too smart to pay for this and besides, after spending my hard earned on The Vanishing by Shin Lim I promised I would never buy another effect with his name involved. I used to respect Paul Harris but that is fading fast. I respect his creativity but not his judgement. I've never bought from Jofranki before, but this will make me think twice. Grab otu your Tarbell or Mark Wilson course and your camera guys and sell, sell, sell.

777Robynhood said...

Paul Harris isn't endorsing this. They put his name on it without permission.