Tuesday, October 15, 2013

More Unboxing


funnybaldbloke said...

These videos are great!!!
The round felt thing with the green edging is a coin purse. There should be a slit in the centre of one of the sides. I think it was marketed more as a puzzle than a magic trick.
The white ball with the electronics in, that was in the same box as the purse, was a levitation that Mark Mason used to sell, although I can't remember who made it or the name. Might have been UFO. It used the Fearson hook up and looked pretty good in the dark...but then most close up floating effects look better with the lights out!

RD said...

That was fun.

Barry Solayme said...

I had most fun working out, over both films, the flaws in this magician's approach. You repeatedly unboxed production paraphernalia, mainly tubes. He seemed to be a bit obsessed with pulling things out of tubes. Freud would've loved that guy.


Roland Henning said...

Yeah I was wonderung about that too. Very tuby!