Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hey you why you no...

I got a few emails of a few people asking me questions:

Why don't you post as often as you used to?
Good question. I got lots of things to do. I never did as many magic shows as I do now. And the little time I have left I have to work on new material.

Why don't you award the WMF anymore?
Because I feel I have nothing to add anymore. Always the same thing. Feels like a fucking deja vu. Oh another one exposing magic secrets. Oh another one having an ego way to big for the guy. Oh another one screwing his costumers. It feels redundant to write about it anymore.

Maybe I have grown up. Finally! Maybe my initial anger has gone. Weird what a few years of blogging does to oneself.

But maybe you wankers shouldn't ask. It's my fucking blog! Hell, it's a mystery to me, why so many of you read this.

That being said... Here is a thing that pisses me off:
Magicians who are too lazy to actually learn sleight of hand. Seriously I met one of them. Not able to do a proper double lift, yet he poses with fans of playing cards on his business card. I asked him if he does any coin magic, to which he showed me the worst French Drop I've ever seen. And he expected verbal accolades from me.


The Smiling Mule said...

Yeah, it happens from time to time.You'll be back.

Marplots said...

Solicit some guest blogs in the interim.

Essa Carta said...

Hey Roland. This might be too much, but can you please update more about your magic theatre, "Zaubertheater Lubeck"? I liked the Facebook Page, yet can't get much since it is in German. Big thanks from Indonesia.

Roland Henning said...

Here is the update. I do have a theater, I have 3 shows. one is for kids (50 minutes) and two shows are for adults (90 minutes) We only have 20 seats that means close up magic. the theater has being running and doing well since April. I'm the only performer, so far and its a great ride.

The Smiling Mule said...

Brilliant. All the best.