Monday, January 14, 2013

Tell me!

What the hell is this dangling mess:

This is seriously a slap in the face of magic. I've seen a Peter Pan play, and it was way more convincing that this. Even if this wouldn't use thread the direct connection between the hands and the movements of the ball makes everyone see threads.

How much is this atrocity? $224.25 Holy Crap!

BTW: Kind of lovely how Charlotte Pendragon becomes more and more of a sellout.


funnybaldbloke said...

What a pile of crap, although its nice to hear the word 'Shrubbery' in a magic demo...of course I use the word magic in its loosest sense.
The Wondercoat (available separately) is a thing of beauty though. I think I'd like to be buried in it.

sinan Ordu said...

the wondercoat was for the highlight of the video! i dont know why someone would invent something that has been better 50 years ago... but, i have to admit, the wondercoat is great for sleeving!

i really hope, that she doesnt sell one of these...
PS: Where/how do you find fails like this?

Marplots said...

Wow. She's hot -- in a cadaver kind of way. Maybe it's the smile frozen in a postmortem rictus, aka: "I just pooped my undies but the show must go on."

I'll be dreaming tonight about her cold, cold flesh rubbing against my wonder balls.

BathTub said...

You must have seen the even better Pendragon Sands video..

Magnus Asbjorn said...

Didn't she have the contents of some storage units auctioned off some time ago?

The Ranter said...

I will not expose or explain but I do agree that even though I couldn't see thread all I could say to myself while watching was OMG!!! I see the thread!!! my mind was filling in the thread even though in the video I could not physically see it. BTW I will be making one of these just for fun but mine will cost about $20US max (I am thinking about really expensive shiny paint!). What's up with the DVD anyway? Didn't you notice it was burned on a sony DVD-R. Couldn't she pay a DVD duplicator in her hometown to crank out a couple of hundred with some cheesy label for a few bucks each it's not like she can't afford it at that price.

MagicReviewer said...

Most of the great magicians have become sell-outs (Paul Harris, Jay Sankey, to name a few), mainly because it is human nature to be greedy. This also explains the use of a home-burnt DVD disk. Why spend extra money to make a professional DVD when you can just burn it at home?

That being said, I do agree that it is a really poor performance. The Pendragon Sands video... that's even worse. I don't think I've ever seen a performance of that trick done so badly, mainly because it's really hard to screw up.

Barry Solayme said...

You guys can dream on. She wears a titanium chastity belt and sleeps in a barbed wire corset.

Trust me.