Monday, January 7, 2013

Hey Vinny

Hey Vinny, sometimes your magic is rather refreshing. This however is not:

A convoluted mess of methods only to get around the DL issue. And these are not my assumptions. He himself said it on the Green Monster

"This is a ambitious card routine with out the use of a double or tripple lift using all of my controls except for the Hop"
So, as one would assume I expected honest criticism. I expected people saying that the moves are telling a whole story on it's own. A story that leaves the performer in a not so magical light. I can see those moves as fake explanations of gambling moves like hand mucking and so on. But not a truly deceiving actions. The moments are wrong and the jerky motions truly signal the spectators that something tricky has been going on.

I expected all that but instead I read this:

"Great stuff as ever Vinny"

"Love the card handling. Can you point me in the direction of what books can show me some of them sleights. Don't want to spoil anything here, but one move I absolutely loved!
Great work."

"Nice work."

"Just a beautifully bold series of moves that makes this classic effect POP again and again. Great job, Godfather. Ain't nobody doing this stuff any better than you, IMHO."

"Vinny, as usual you just kill me. This is GREAT stuff. I'd love to get the handlings. Not only do you have great chops, but you're so generous to share this with the rest of us."

"Great job Vinny. Love your stuff. Would you also send me the handling? Thankx a lot."

"Vinsmagic - I am a relatively new poster, but would like to add to the accolades. A very nice variety of controls! Loved it!"

"Very nice, especially good for those who seen the ambitious trick and are now assuming it must be a double, this will make em rack their brain as its obvious no double"
So I'm Starting to think that I must be retarded for not liking this, when I read Bozo's comment:
"I've always held that the ambitious card is a classic due to the clarity of effect and a seeming lack of handling. WTF was that?"
Finally a sane person. I thought... but oh Bozo felt the wrath of The Green Monster:
"Bozo, Nice! 47 posts in, and you decide that this is the place to mark your territory? Show us what you have to contribute to this thread and we will show you a level of respect commensurate with your contribution (unlike the level of disrespect that you have shown to Vinny)."
So did I get that right? Because Bozo has not contributed he deserves less respect that Vinny? Hell I can criticize any move without being able to do it. Without having contributed anything. If somebody paints a horse and it looks like a cat and I say that the horse looks like a cat, nobody in the right mind would accuse me of not being able to judge it correctly, because I haven't done my share of horse drawings. But the accused troll, that is Bozo, defends himself by posting this:
"Lest I be accused of trolling. There may (or may not) be value in what Vinnie is offering. I simply find these moves inappropriate in the context of an AC routine. They are too fast, too covered, and there is (again, to me at least) more ambiguity than clarity of effect. pardon my WTF remark. That was rude."
So he details more precisely why his declaration of shenanigans is just. A fair comment, saying that the moves are inappropriate in the context of an ACR. I agree. An ACR should not be about not knowing what happened, but about knowing that nothing happened. Vinny failed to see that initial construction flaw. So Bozo is no troll at all. But he disagrees with the majority so he is the asshole here.

And then Bozo gets attacked ad hominem by the dick himself:
"I don't mean any harm here, but it is a bit difficult to take a critique from Bozo seriously... sey"
Oh yes, you mean to harm. But you don't know the difference. So I forgive you.
But maybe I see it all wrong. What's your opinion on that DL-free master piece?


Barry Solayme said...

Wanna know my opinion? I think it sucks serious dick. I never seen a single, goddam, decent "offering" from the Codfather in all these years. And his fanboys are never close behind, performing horrible coin magic at the drop of a hat. All of 'em flashing like motherfuckers.

"I'm sharing, I'm sharing," they cry,

"So, fucking, what." says I.

What a bunch of preening cunts.


Barry Solayme said...

And I hate that fucking music.


Chris said...

I think it's an interesting experiment or challenge. Not something you would ever perform except as within the set scenario, with a group of like minded magicians. I actually like the idea of setting up challenges of this type and seeing what left of centre solutions people could come up with.

Taking it out of that specific context however, it's not really a barnstormer.

Trickster said...

Gotta agree Roland, a beautifully simple effect turned into a cluster fuck of pasteboard masturbation. Having half of the moves so blatantly obvious didn't help either.
A fun challenge for your local club or group of magic friends sitting around sessioning and downing a few beers, "let's try and create an ACR without a DL as a bit of a fun challenge", but to claim this improves on the classic ACR or actually makes it "Pop again and again" is just complete BS (and I don't mean Barry Solayme)
Perhaps Vinnie needs to play with his dick more than his cards when he wanks, or is it the other way around?

@Barry - How could you hate the music? Doesn't putting a track like that behind your video instantly make it artsy and trendy and haunting and mysterious and and and ...... oh damn it, you're right the music sucks balls.

Michiel Tummers said...

Why remove the single sleight that makes the ACR clean as a whistle? This is just bad routining, bad sleights in context and it wouldn't fool anybody who is paying attention to the effect.. yes to appreciate the ACR you have to actually watch the effect and the audience will watch better with each repetition fase. My bet is that this won't fool anybody..

When i think of a ACR without a DL, i think of a 2 handed shift, a topchange, a second deal or whatever , but what makes the ACR so amazing is exactly the use of a DL

Just my 2 cents

Justin said...

You guys leave the Blade Runner soundtrack OUT OF THIS.

Oh, and yeah, I shit blood watching that video.


Marplots said...

What video? I just looped the sound track and played hide the sausage with my gal. Smooth jazz, baby.

Vinny is one of the few creators where not only can't I do the moves, but he can't either.

Nicholas said...

It would be good to show this video to a layperson, the follow it up by doing a single phase AC using the dl.

Marco Lippolis said...

"Blurred" was the kindest adjective that came to my mind when I saw this stuff. I did not post anything on the forum, cos I had just had the usual argument with two of the "favourites" on the blog and did not feel adding one more enemy to my carnet. But he would have deserved it for this and for all the other bloody bad shit he publishes and plugs!

Thanks for having one of the best blogs around (the other was the 'Olde Magick Blogge' which (we all now why) ain't no more because of one of the favourites ...

hayes22 said...

It's shit.

sinan Ordu said...

...its just really unnaturale. plus, the effect stays the same, phase after phase after phase. i mean, maybe you can use one of the moves in the middle of your routine if you get the feeling like someone is noticing your dl...but even then, i feel like there are hundrets of more deceptive ways out there


Magnus Asbjorn said...

I approve of the idea as a thought experiment, stretching one's mental muscles like that is a good thing. But that execution is terrible but not as bad as the arse kissing that followed. I'm not a member of that green mess, they wouldn't take my email, but I almost never hear anything good about it.

Glenn Bishop "Bish The Magish" said...

First of all I don't consider this a routine - it is just a bunch of moves strung together. In my opinion all the moves - one - or all strung together could be part of an ambitious card routine.

The flaw in the video in my opinion was mot the moves or the music. The flaw in the video was that it was shot with a single camera on a performers hands and hands only.

I also don't consider the video an entertainment video. It is nothing more than a demo of several moves using the ambitious card theme to string the moves together.

Viewed in this context - I see nothing wrong with the moves or video.

Barry Solayme said...

Well, I can't say as I agree with your analysis, sir, but your name and face interest me.

You remind me of an old showman down in Chicago; used to do a helluva ping pong ball manipulation.

Are you related to Billy &quot, at all?


BabyJuniorJr said...

It ain't a routine. He mis-spoke, and corrected himself later in the thread.
You are pretty hard on peeps who don't have English as a native language.
He's from Brooklyn.

And leave the Blade Runner tune out of it!

Bizzaro. said...

I wonder what they would say to someone who wasn't a magician at all who said they didn't like it.

"What do you know layman!? Let's see your pass!"
"Um.. my what?"

I agree that trying to challenge oneself for fun is fine. I myself tried an ACR with no DL's BUT many of the things he did looked like he did something. They looked like "moves". Let's say you are as retarded as the people on the cafe are, then you will take that routine, try to show it to non-magicians and thus hurt the public perception more than they already have. If yer jerking yourself off, put it on the proper video sharing site. Not you-rube so other idiots can see it.

James Dench said...

I look at this and the sycophants who say it is good SOH, and I would like to vomit. I don't get it. Every sleight has a trumpet chorus announcing it, and these people think it is too good to criticize. There is GroupThink on the cafe that prevents honest comments. Well, truly, it isn't worth bothering over. Focus on the right stuff, not on that crapola.

Anonymous said...

Don't hate on the love theme from Blade Runner. Other than that...carry on.