Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ah SEO and Google Trends

In case you don't know what a SEO text is. It's a text on your website with lot's of keywords so search engines will find you more easily. This can be done in a subtle way or in a very overt, almost childlike fashion. Like the following example.

Ellusionist actually has a very tiny link on the bottom of pretty much every page linking to a "Information Page" about David Blaine.

Here is a brief excerpt:

The Card trick that landed his first ABC special was called "Strange Travelers". This is David Blaine's single favorite effect. The actual deal-closer David used for most of his professional career. It helped him close the deal on his first Network T.V. special: Street Magic.
We know you want information on Blaine and we'll give it... the real story and secrets of Blaine's life, TV specials, products, women, celebrity friends and the best places to learn how to do the street magic Blaine has become famous for. We suggest you read this page thoroughly but if you need to jump to a topic that interests you on this page, here are the jump links:

And this goes on, and on and on.

Hey Ellusionist. Do you really need that page? Are you so desperate for clicks? I looked up Ellusionist in Google Tends. The most prominent related search is "Ellusionist Torrent".

I would rather deal with that.


Magnus Asbjorn said...

I know that you're ranting at them but doesn't this post just generate more SEO for E and their David Blain page even more so because it includes a link to the page in question.

Levin Harine said...
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