Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pathetic Force

Wow, just wow... you see there is a guy named Mathieu Bitch, or something like that. And he releases a trick called Poor Man's Casino... and guess what it's shit. Utter shit. But first watch the trailer:

If you are amazed you are a fucking retard. if you take away the box it looks like the glide. It's not the glide, but handling looks like the glide.

So here is the thing. It would be stupid to assume that laypeople don't know anything about card tricks. Some principles are actually well known. The key card principle for instance. Also the GLIDE.... you see where I'm going with this?

To a layman this is not the best fucking way to have a card picked under "laboratory conditions" The best way is to give the deck to the spectator and have him take one out. This is the fairest procedure.

So I don't care how clever the principle in the "Poor Man's Casino" is. It looks like a fucking glide, ergo it is not fair.

BTW: If you need to point out that a selection of a card is to be "as fair as possible" then by all means you are doing something wrong. A selection of a card should be "fair" no matter what. To a layperson picking a card has to be above suspicion anyway. If they do suspect anything you ruined the impact of the trick. So to force the thought of possible sneakiness with the introduction of a box with a window in it is the worst of all approaches.

Reminds me of the force where you have the spectator cut the deck under a cloth.

PS: Totally unrelated joke:
Why did the Mule stop posting?
Because he's a Mole now and Underground!


MagicReviewer said...

I saw this on the WPR today and had the exact same sentiments. This is a glorified, gimmicked Glide force. There are a ton of other, better forces out there if you are looking for one (e.g. Classic Force, Psychological Force on Utopia). If someone is actually carrying this around just to force a card, they need to have a look at their act again.

I do like the way Mathieu Bich thinks, though. He comes up with some clever ideas, for example Edge. They might not be worth performing (usually because they involve heavily gimmicked cards), but it is interesting to look into someone's train of thought. His magic should be sold more as "concepts" rather than "tricks".

terran said...

wow you must have been angry while writing this lol

Anonymous said...

It really is bad. What's wrong with just using a riffle force or a classic force? Why have a stupid box with a hole cut out of it - totally unnecessary in my opinion. It's more important what the spectator feels, as opposed to what they see (study Dani DaOrtiz's stuff to learn more about this if you haven't done so already!). If you have a casual attitude and act as if the spectator really is having a free choice and use say, the classic force, then they'll feel like it's a free choice and you will have achieved your goal.

This just looks suspicious, contrived and most important of all NOT NATURAL HANDLING.

Barry Solayme said...

This guy is a Froggy cretin. It's the worst, least clean force I have seen in a long time. Not since Roland ate my sponge balls have I been so disgusted.

Anyone who buys this deserves a swift kick in the cunt.


Gary Jones Magic said...

To change this sleightly (bad pun I know!)but rather than using this for a force, what about a chsen card at any number under test conditions? Just a thought :-)

Barry Solayme said...

You would pull it off, I'm sure, because you are very talented! I think it would be "in spite of the gimmick" however...


Arthur Poon said...

This "creation" certainly makes me to love my encycopedia card forces book more from now on~*

- Arthur

Gary Jones Magic said...

I agree with you Barry and there are much better methods, it's not for me but I'm sure they will sell shed loads due to it being 'easy to do' lol!

Michiel Tummers said...

Nice gimmick for club magicians who never perform for real and are only interested in new methods.
Just my 2 cents, but this is the epitome of "magicians logic"

Barry Solayme said...

So true!


Unknown said...

I'll just say AMEN