Friday, April 27, 2012

Winner Andrew Musgrave

It is April. In celebration of this blogs three year existence, the whole month will be winner time. Only the coolest and best members of our elite circle of nerds will be featured.

Today: Andrew Musgrave

The fact that I know the guy much more than I wish to admit makes it not an easy task to write something nice about him with out sounding like a toady. Andrew is the sole writer of the great sleightly blog. He used to do "Ye Olde magick blogge" which turned into his recent project. In 2011 he has been involved in the 365 project. That's 365 day of straight blogging. And it never went boring. In fact it was the first thing I checked when I turned on my computer in the morning. And as exhausting as this have been it also stands as a monument of magic thinking. His writing style is exceptionally clear and precise. Combine that with actual content and well thought through essays about the various aspects of magic and you'll get the full experience.

Aside from that Andrew also has some serious chops when it comes to skill and showmanship. Check out this clip of him doing a multiple card selection routine. (Don't mind the fact that he says "okay" a lot)

Right now he is in South Korea on a very strange teaching gig. In some sort of theme park, where the theme is English. (read the details over on his blog) There he does magic shows for the kids. And one of the things he does is the Magic Coloring book. And I love the changes he does to not do what all of the others do. Basically he has two books and two wands. A good one and a crappy one. The kids gets the good one. Both books are flipped through. Both are uncolored drawings. The kids does magic to one book and so does the performer with the crappy one. The kid's book is all colored now and the magician's book is blank. And then the magic continues, by trying to makes things right.

This is brilliant thinking. Suddenly the whole act becomes much, much more. Much bigger in fact, without becoming impractical. It's such little things that makes him a winner in my humble opinion. Andrew contributes so much constructive stuff to the magic community, that I feel a little guilty not having him made a winner three years ago.


Peter Hurley said...

Hear, hear. Generous, authentic bloke.

Justin said...

Never heard of him. I bet he's an asshole.

Admin said...


Andrew Musgrave said...

Thanks a ton, Roland. You and your guys are all sweethearts.

You're being a bit generous with the video, though. All I see when I look at it are the many, many flaws. I want it on the record that it needs further improvement.

darkstar said...

Here here. A true magician's magician. Thank you sir for all the time and effort you've given us all. A wonderful archive over the years, as an understatement.

*salute* Andrew.