Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Winner Christian Grenier

It is April. In celebration of this blogs three year existence, the whole month will be winner time. Only the coolest and best members of our elite circle of nerds will be featured.

Today: Christian Grenier

Creating Magic is hard. Well, no it's not. Creating new magic is hard. Especially in card magic. We may get tons of ideas and by nature most of that is just bad. Only a few jewels make it to the surface once in a while. And some manage to create more jewels than others. French magician Christian Grenier is such a guy. He is one of those card magicians who is much more into methods than effects. And there is something to it. Actually seeing what outlandish methods he creates makes my own head spin with ideas.

He has a blog, where he showcases his ideas on a regular basis. Here is just one example.

EMBROUILLE ! von stianix

This is not ground breaking, but it makes you think about direct approaches towards effects. He goes into detail about his ideas and shares them for free. I can see the above example being a one trick download by video faker Shin Lim. (in HD) But Christian Grenier gives it away for free.

About the exposure issue: He spoils his own magic I'm fine with it. But some of the routines require an Elmsley Count. In the explanation Christian brushes over that assuming you know about that. This is an approach I can live with. In fact this is the best approach if you teach magic for free. And he does a good job using photos and video from several angles.

The blog is in French. But using Google translate or the implemented Chrome feature reading the blog in English becomes easy. I regularly check his blog and have it bookmarked. It's that good.

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