Saturday, March 31, 2012

WMF Harry Levy

This should come as no surprise. The magic news was all over that. So I spare you all with the long elaborated "Why" on this. Just in case you have missed the story: Link1, Link2, Link3.

 I guess this proves that magic dealers are after all human. Who would have thought? And humans make mistakes. Some are much bigger than others. Some cost others the total sum of more than half a million dollars. Is this a magic failure? No, not really, this is a human failure. But because a magician is the sucker here I put it on my list.

Shame on you Harry. The fact that you admit doing this, and that you plead guilty, doesn't make up for the fact that you were low life enough to do it. Here is my educated guess. The fact that he is admitting it and pleading guilty is not because he understands his wrong doing, but because it is the best legal move he can do.

So his "apology" is worth nothing. And his public "dismantlement" is more than just. No matter what kind of nice person he was to friends and family. Others didn't matter to him. Sad. But somehow a nice example of the common magician.

PS. I squeeze this here at the end of the week, as starting tomorrow will be winner month.

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