Tuesday, March 13, 2012

WMF Dalton Wayne

Alright, another week, another fail. This week: Dalton Wayne. Who is Dalton Wayne you might ask. Only the most inspired, most bad-ass creator of magic that graced us by walking on this earth.

He also has a nice video camera and mad editing skillz. But more on that later. A whole bunch of his adorable figments of his mind on sale via the Wire. Among those we'll find Osmosis. Any small item like a coin or a key into a soda can. Just watch the video.

"Oh awesome, I'd love to do that trick… I wonder what's the creative method behind this, that allows me to do this without having a big hole in the can?!" Oh, wait. There is a big hole. If that would be the case, wouldn't it be misleading advertisement? Wouldn't the video suggest that the can is actually unharmed. It cannot be shown 360 degrees!

Dalton Wayne has a really good video camera and is really good at editing his stuff so it looks amazing. And trust me his loves video editing. On his YouTube channel he has this little piece of fake video:

The comments below are his fans asking him to publish it. Here is the secret. Final Cut Pro or any other video editing software.

A while ago Dalton Wayne used to be a YouTube user named "iwilleatthebag" and he still has awesome little videos online. Almost all are in artsy black and white. Copying the look and feel of almost all that insanely talented Daniel Madison has put out.

So I guess by now Dalton Wayne has at least found himself an image. That of a self-assured, flamboyant personality with hints of dapper fashion sense. Well whatever floats your boat. But here is what Dalton Wayne is not. A creative magician. He is really good at emulation. He pretends to contribute to the magic community. His stuff is poorly structured magic. First method that comes up usually is the modus operandi. His demo videos really make the effect look good. I think he should work for Criss Angel.


Sean C said...

I know Dalton and he's a really nice guy!

However, the same can't be said for any of his "magic" and I have to completely agree with this article.

first and foremost, he is not creative and this is evident in ALL of his "work".

All of my friends in magic (and there's a LOT of them) that know of Dalton in the community all say the same thing. His magic looks great on camera but the methods are CRAP!!! and highly impractical.

As for that copying stuff, it's really creepy and just goes to prove even more to me that he's just another fame hungry Youtube magician that is trying to get famous quickly with shit magic.

It sucks that his reviews are written by people who like him but not his magic, I've actually spoken to a number of people who've left him great reviews and they told me they did it "because he's a nice guy" or "they feel bad for him". Seriously guys, I know i've told a few of you, but you got to stop it, he's setting a bad example for all magicians, including the younger ones!

Him and Shim Lim should get a room.

I'm glad someone wrote about this publicly. Rant over.

Admin said...

Oh poor guy when he reads this ...

Ahmazing777 said...

Oh haters...

Dalton is doing something he loves, and it isn't to please strangers, or even friends. How many times have you masturbated, and even denied it? Bam! youre a liar and a copycat, because everyone's doing it. But you don't do it to be part of a crowd, right? I'd hope not. Wayne's magic may have been mostly copied, possibly lame to some, but he makes up for it with fantastic humor and all around genuine effort he puts into each trailer/explanation. On the bright side, he's not wasting his life on the other side of a computer putting people down for something they most certainly couldnt make people enjoy themselves. I think hating on him just proves he's doing something right, something to make slackasses with no vision of their own feel jealous. Hate to break it to you, but I'm betting he's great in bed. Sadly I don't think he'd be open to banging out your jealousy issues behind closed doors. He's straight *gasp*, I know, something else that probably surprises you. Is this attempt at public bullying really all youre doing with your life? No wonder Dalton is easily rising up, wheres the competition? Oh right, having a group rant on a website that doesn’t actually produce anything tangible. Nice.

Oh poor guys when you read this...

Roland said...

When did the issue of sexuality come up. Oh yeah right, when you did. Seriously? WTF? An all around genuine effort he puts into trailer/explanation doesn't make up for the fact that he sells crappy magic. What kind of argument is that. The magic costumer doesn't buy a nice performer who is kind and put effort into his explanation. The magic customer wants a great trick, and that's where Mr. Wayne fails. And please don't turns this into an ad hominem argument. Been there, done that!

Justin said...

1. Why you felt the need to point out that he's straight, I'm not sure. His sexuality wasn't brought up by Roland, and is not pertinent in any way, shape, or form.

2. Last I checked the standard definition of bullying involved an ad hominem of some sort. Point out an attack on his character in Roland's write up, as I can't find one.

3. If the standard to produce something worthwhile, and that's immune to criticism, is that it's tangible, then me thinks you should reconsider your standards. That being said, criticism of magic and magic itself are apples and oranges, and just because one exists, it does not mean the other is somehow superior or inferior.

Justin said...

Roland posted whilst I was writing, so we make the same points. I s-s-s-suck.

darkstar said...

I just shit myself a little. That comment has got to be the most riddled mess of logical fallacies I've seen since disco.

darkstar said...

What's wrong with him? Haven't you ever fucked a wombat? I bet you have and just didn't do it right. Well here is a surprise Bobo, all wombats are gay other than the ones that are reproducing.

That's why we are riding the save to save the Cuscus. Shit on it. You people have nothing to say and are not producing Mcmuffins.

Ahmazing777 said...

Sexuality was referenced when Sean C. decided to post that he and Shim Lim should share a room. Get with the program, read the comments again maybe?

I'm sorry you critics have the burden of feeling like the reject kitten waiting for its turn to lap milk. Huh? When were kittens mentioned? WTF? Whoa that was random. As random as spending your life blogging about how crappy other people do things. Oh I'm sorry, are you famous for something? Is there anything legitimate that should make your opinion matter? I must have missed the memo.

People have the choice to invest their money and attention into Dalton's work, and into all the artists you call out on this blog project of yours. I hope you find something more productive and fulfilling to do with your lives. Oh and you best keep your hatin' shoes on, Dalton Wayne just released a new trick..whaaa?! They just keep coming, that bastard!

Best of luck boys, youre the cats pajamas! (Damn it theres that feline reference again, wtf?!)

darkstar said...

You sound very young. Curious as to why you feel the need to defend this guy. It's interesting that another fellah that knows him agrees (like most everyone reading this post), his "inventions" are horrible.

Trickster said...

Am I only one that thinks Ahmazing777 might actually be Dalton?

The gay thing nearly made me wet myself, the sharing a room thing was an obvious reference to the fact that both Dalton and Shim Lin have been doctoring magic videos. Tell us about you homosexual paranoia Ahmazing777.

As to people having the right to invest their money in what ever they like, you're quite right, but they also have the right to know what they are investing in and to not be duped by arsehole that thinks doctoring videos is fair marketing.

Now to those repeated insults to Roland, you seem to be going on ad hominem, which if memory serves me, would indicate your own attempt at bullying.
I think both of Roland's blogs that I follow contribute greatly to magic in general (what? You don't know about his other blogs? Shame on you, and there you were spouting off like you knew all about him)

I'm constantly amused by how often a WMF award winner doesn't respond in person but some "militant fanboy" comes storming in to their defense. Come on guys, grow a pair and stop posting under fake names or sending in your friends.

Hmmmm Homo paranoia and comments about Dalton most probably being good in bed, either Dalton is an arrogant shit with issues he needs to deal with, or a fanboy who wants to bed him.

Useless trivia:
Wombats have square poo and their pouches face backwards. They are also solid little suckers and hitting one with a car is like hitting a big rock.

Barry Solayme said...

Basically, can all the stupid teenagers just fuck off?


Admin said...

Haha !

RD said...

Regarding the knife stunt...They are blindfolded right? Well why don't they turn their head the away when doing it? I mean the cannot see anyway.........can they?

Michael Jay said...

If you cannot see, why would you turn your head away? Rather superfluous, don't you think? Talk to a blind guy, they look at you...Why do they do that? They can't see, right?

You're really overthinking that (just like any magician).

mr.matt said...

In an attempt to combine things from multiple posts. I almost hit a blind guy with my Chevy. Which is like a rock. I stopped and helped him as he seemed to have lost his way. Probable that his sonar was broken. Sonar like a (wom)bat. Sorry was there a conversation about magic? Think about the TV specials from the 90's like making the statue of Liberty disappear. That was tricky camera stunts. Still amazing. Maybe just let it be... Huh?

cathy battaglia said...
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cathy battaglia said...

ok. you are prob. not friends with dalton because if u were you couldnt talk shit so easily. dalton is a great magician he gets where he is by awesome work..not because people feel bad for him? i feel bad for you that you want to be him soo bad you just talk major shit. and why do people defend other people?oh ya FRIENDS! people have those things. they are not like you to pretend to be someone else because they have no friends.. fuck all of you guys.