Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hey guys, I'm talking to you! You Tenyo Elite!

Jason Palter, Peter Loughran and Steve Brooks, yeah you. Aka JPS Magic Studios. What's up? Are you still around? I'm just asking because in August 2009 you wrote on your Tenyo Elite website:

We are proud to say that our first two Tenyo Elite releases (Fortune Sticks and Moonspinner) are officially in production and being manufactured as you read this!
And what a fun time that was. Both items I can still buy. Not that anybody needs metal version of cheap looking plastic tricks anyway. How did that work out for you? I really would like to know. The news post you made three years ago continues:
Our other two products (Blue Crystal and Soft Coins) will follow in a couple of months---to ensure that all our 2009 releases are out before the end of the year.
Too bad that both these items are still labelled as "coming soon". What's going on? Or was 99 bucks for each the Fortune Sticks and the Moonspinner too much?


Mike said...

In a rather bad tempered thread which has since been wiped from Cafe existence, Peter Loughran claimed recently that they still have a fair bit of stock from the first two effects to get rid of before they can move on to the next pieces.

He gets very angry if you ask if Tenyo Elite is dead.

Of course this smacks of really bad business acumen to end up with all your cash in unshiftable stock. Unshiftable because you picked two of the most unimpressive effects to try and sell at $100 a pop.

You just hope for their customers sakes that non of these buffoons are engaged in the Real Secrets project.

Matt said...

Maybe the decision to blow all their start-up capital on those natty matching shirts exacerbated later cash-flow issues? That and the fact they were solving a "problem" that didn't exist in the first place. Making ludicrously expensive versions of cheap novelty style objects just doesn't make sense. The Tenyo Elite range was making the disposable unaffordable - like diamond tooth-picks or gold leaf toilet paper...

Unknown said...

Maybe they ate their profits. And I'll give you good odds one of these guys is involved with "Real Secrets."

the Minutemen said...

Thx for reminding relationship with current hot topic 'The Real Secret Project.'

clevernamehere said...

For years numerous magicians have expressed a desire to have some of the better tenyo effects offered in a version looking less "toy like." The problem was with the Elite team's taste in magic. They picked 4 items I do not believe I have ever heard requested. Further, other than the cafe (whose success may lie mostly on their totalitarian censorship/membership policies) has Brooks ever been involved with a project that was successful?

But, for clarity, Brooks is NOT involved with Real Secrets other than as a vehicle (most likely paid) to spread the word on the Cafe.

He also had almost nothing to do with the Penn/Dobson/McBride debacle, those his comments tried to imply knowledge and involvement.