Monday, September 5, 2011

WMF Raimini

I found out about this guy a few hours ago. Since then I have been browsing and researching. A face palm is not enough. Yesterday I posted this video by the French pantomime Jérôme Murat. A unique living statue act.

Raimini ripped him off:

And that was what I wanted to post initially. But then I found out about his great website: He actually has a online magic story integrated in his promotional website. On that store he's got stuff to sell. On of the items: The Thumb Tip. A nice big picture of it, and a description of a trick that can be done with it. So not only is Raimini ripping off, but also exposing.

But if that doesn't convince you that he deserves the title Weekly Magic Failure... this will. His promotional video. I won't say anymore words.


Pete G. said...

Roland, those videos hurt me to watch (like a car crash I couldn't look away).

Trickster said...

Ohh Please, make it stop, for the love of all things good, please make it stop.

Jerrine Absher said...

On a positive note he is consistent maintaining a steady level of really really bad.

darkstar said...

That was sweet. I need to buy me some of his stuff, or at least make a deal on those fine roller disco shirts.