Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Now this is pathetic!

And for just 20 dollars this can be yours.

Is there no quality control? You know... a dude... sayin' like it is! Saying: "Dude this is shit!" Let's hope the quality control with "The Wire" that Theory 11 has put into place is much better. I heard some good things about it. (Also some bad stuff, but I'll save that for another time.)


alex_i said...

Dude, this is shit !

Tomsk192 said...

And with my magic arse I pooh over the moron who came out with this. And with another wave of my arse he is magically drowned in shit. No extra gimmicks, just my arse and a load of crap.

darkstar said...

I pirated the shit out of some T11 the other day. I deleted them all. Fucking waste of my lilfe...much less atually putting my hard earned cash on the table.

Dick in your mouth James Clark. Don't blame us for being rational while using caution.

I'm better than you! (loved that post)

BathTub said...

Really? Wow. That's like someone someone would do as a parody of a real product.

jammen said...

wow, this almost leaves me speechless. I can't wait for the You Tube expose.