Monday, September 26, 2011

Skype Chat Log

[00:37:58] Friend: hey
[00:38:34] Friend: how is the wire different from the previous T11 format where they had artists sell tricks? Isn't this the same? "artists" selling stuff?
[00:38:49] Roland Henning: well the difference is this...
[00:39:01] Roland Henning: you produce the trailer, you pay all the cost making the video
[00:39:05] Roland Henning: you have all the work
[00:39:11] Roland Henning: and theory 11 cashes in
[00:39:18] Roland Henning: that's the difference
[00:39:32] Roland Henning: T11 has no work
[00:39:48] Friend: ok. Makes sense. Yeah that's a difference.
[00:40:07] Roland Henning: except offering a platform, (which they have anyway) and paying the servers (which they do anyway)
[00:40:18] Friend: smart
[00:40:21] Roland Henning: and getting 40%
[00:40:28] Roland Henning: of each sale
[00:40:28] Friend: not bad
[00:40:35] Roland Henning: yeah great business idea
[00:42:22] Friend: i might have an idea or 2 lol
[00:42:40] Friend: just need some really nifty camera and music...
[00:43:10] Roland Henning: and editing, don't forget editing
[00:43:22] Roland Henning: if people can see how it works they will not buy it
[00:43:51] Friend: yep
[00:47:00] Roland Henning: do you mind, if I post parts of our little chat over at WMF (your name taken out of course)
[00:47:08] Roland Henning: because it#s funny
[00:47:38] Friend: sure
[00:47:44] Roland Henning: thanks


chris said...

they do have a team monitoring the posts tho. so they do a little work. but over all, great gig

darkstar said...

A new low in my world. Go where the doors are closed and share away. Fortune and glory Dr. Jones. No time to love.

Tomsk192 said...

Schmucks are a dime a dozen: heroes remain in short supply.

Mean time period between releasing download via T11 and said download appearing as torrent? I guess 24 hours.

If it's any good.

O tempora o mores.

Tomsk192 said...

BTW, Darkstar, while I'm on a latin kick. re: your Dear T11 post. It could be said about the late Buckley,

"mortuo leoni et lepores insultant"

Those vapid cunts.