Friday, September 2, 2011

Peter Loughran's JITTERS

Peter Loughran can't help himself can he? The promotional videos for his products are always done with a shitty ass camera. Boost the contrast, use proper lighting, use HD! Well aside from the video (Keep the into to 5 seconds) it is again a case of false advertisement. At the 2-minute-mark it tells you that the item uses no electronics. That is no true. I am sure they are referring to the plancette, but it seems to refer to the whole board, which doesn't look like a simple board made of wood.

Well I always thought that at a certain point in our individual magic evolution we get out of the magnet phase. Peter is still stuck in it.

1 comment:

darkstar said...

Buh boom...ahhwwww.....ahhhhawwwww.

I always imagine what my friends would do. Something like "you fucking idiot...where are the magnets" comes to mind.

May just be me, but items like this are insulting to all living creatures.

Mix this with "Little Man" and you'll be cool enough to live forever