Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bizzaro The Optical Illusionist

It is April. In celebration of this blogs two year existence, the whole month will be winner time. Only the coolest and best members of our elite circle of nerds will be featured.

Today: Bizzaro!

Last entry in this Winner Month. Bizzaro. Talk about a unique performer that dares to be different and actually succeeds doing so. I am full of praise for that guy. He seems to be a fish who is out of the water, but still enjoys it.

Also, he is god damn creative. The stupid Pompom Sticks applied to a doll not only makes the effect bearable, but also fun to watch. So what we have is an extremely creative performer who understands magic. Also some of the magic he sells is just brilliant. His color changing sponge balls... sweet. The Non Toxic Glue Gag... gee, why didn't I order that yet? (Oh yeah right ordering over seas is a pain in the ass).

Bizzaro is just a strange but good performer who can do magic for all ages. Check out this footage of him doing street magic:

I like the speed, the pacing (yeah those are two different things) and his choice of material. It's practical, eye popping and magical.

It took me a while to figure out what is so different. He does no mentalism. Maybe he does, I don't know. But in all the videos I found he did just magic and comedy. That may be one of the reasons why I like him. Cartoonish magic, strange humor and fire! What's not to like? He is a winner. Keep it up!


KiKeNiCo said...

He sure is one of a kind.And a big time winner!

Bizzaro. said...

Thanks guys. That's really cool of you to include me in this list of people Roland.

I'm just doing my part to make the world a bit less of an a-holish place.