Monday, April 12, 2010

Tonny van Rhee

It is April. In celebration of this blogs one year existence, the whole month will be winner time. Only the coolest and best members of our elite circle of nerds will be featured.

Today: Tonny van Rhee!

I never had the pleasure to meet Tonny van Rhee, even though Belgium is very close to Germany. But I have come across his magic influences which seem to be all over the place. 3 years ago a magic friend from London showed me a little trick with a pencil. I was amazed and I agreed that this trick should be cherished as it is strong stuff for laymen, but unfortunately easy to see through by magicians. Therefore this trick would easily end up on YouTube making it as "popular" as the 21 card trick. So I will not mention the effect at all. I was told this trick was originated by Tonny van Rhee who applied this particular effect to pencil.

So I got interested. Who is this Tonny van Rhee? Turns out he is an old magician who was more than busy over the decades. I would even almost go there to say he is one of the most under appreciated magicians out there. Sure his stuff is not difficult, but most of us will love that fact. The routines I saw are well constructed, well structured and well presented.

I was not able to find a none demo effect of Tonny van Rhee on the Internet, which is a bad thing. If you are into structuring your routines you will like Tonny van Rhee's thinking process.

So is he one of the best magicians? No! But he sure knows how to take easy stuff and make it strong. In a way he is the opposite to Jay Sankey, who is able to take difficult stuff and make it weak.

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