Friday, April 2, 2010

Dani DaOrtiz

It is April. In celebration of this blogs one year existence, the whole month will be winner time. Only the coolest and best members of our elite circle of nerds will be featured.

Today: Dani DaOrtiz!

This fine fellow is a terribly entertaining card magician. I do not speak a lick of Spanish (or whatever language he speaks) yet I do enjoy his performance. It is fast paced, hard hitting, playful stuff.

Seriously, watch this:

Six really good minutes of card magic. It is not just the tricks, it is his personality. Sure as a magician you can see what is going on, but that makes me appreciate the structure of his routine even more. That Jazz like quality, that impromptu feel. I seriously urge you to look him up on YouTube, it is well worth the time and effort.

He is such a good performer and you can see and hear that he has a good time doing what he does. His joyful appearance is not fake but genuine. And this pretty much sums up his character. "Genuine"

I also love that he doesn't treat every effect (and there is a lot of them) like it is a miracle. He is modest, despite the fact that he is one of the coolest magicians out there.

Damn I need to grow me some hair.

I cannot praise that guy enough. It is because of magicians like him that I have not completely lost hope.

Dani DaOrtiz, you are the man. Kudos to you, I fucking like ya!


KiKeNiCo said...

Damn!You gave me the creeps for a moment there! DaOrtiz? WMF? WTF?

Those of us who have known Dani for some years now are really proud of he being recognised abroad. He deserves it. He is the head of this new concept "jazz maic": "impromptu" but really thought off, with only that appearance of improvisation, striking hard with a huge progression of effects. He has a whole theory around it worth the reading. Great performer, awesome thinker. I have to recommend his work, "Graveyard of cards", about the torn and restored plot, and "Freedom Of Speech", an amazing 130 pages work on psychological forcing of cards.

descartes84 said...

Dani Daortiz is simply superb. I first saw his youtube videos last year and I was hooked. The guy has such a graceful style, his magic looks moveless. I was particularly stumped by his triumph routine.

Just amazing stuff.

Tony T said...
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Tony T said...

Kike - the books you mentioned are written in Spanish only.

I agree with everything written about DaOrtiz. Recently I downloaded an early ebook of his (2003/2004) with video clips & converted the text using Google translator.

It's remarkable to see how his work has matured from 8 years ago. Personally I think his time spent with Lennert Green has helped refine what appears to be his chaotic style.

Last month I convinced the family to purchase a 'Learn Spanish' DVD set so we can begin to acquire a second langauge and practice with each other.

Plus it'll make a little more sense to spend time (and money) on DaOrtiz' products if I can speak & understand the language.

BTW Roland I really dig your new site with a 'trick of the day' posted. Thanks.