Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Eugene Burger

Image by Richard Faverty

It is April. In celebration of this blogs one year existence, the whole month will be winner time. Only the coolest and best members of our elite circle of nerds will be featured.

Today: Eugene Burger!

If you love Santa Clause, you gotta love Eugene Burger. If you have not come across this deep, deep voice with a man attached to it, here is a brief glimpse:

His technical skill is moderate at best, nothing ground breaking. But his presentational skill is just awesome. I know a lot of other magicians who copy Eugene Burger exactly and fail. Kind of hard to copy a presentation that is so tailored to a specific man.

And why is that so? Because Eugene Burger actually thinks about presentation. And he does this on a level that is such much beyond most of us nerds. He wrote many books about it. The one book I suggest is "Mastering The Art Of Magic" by Eugene and published by Richard Kaufman. It is a really good read with quite a few interesting thoughts on the art of magic.

And by interesting thoughts, I really mean the deep shit man.

And people like him are rare in magic.

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